What is driving U.S. health care innovation?

October 16, 2018 · 3 min read · By ASU Online

The health care field has seen many innovations in recent years, and the pace at which new technologies emerge has increased. These advances help improve patient outcomes while achieving operational goals. Such growth also has implications for health care innovators who can lead these initiatives.


Health care organizations, medical device companies, research facilities and other businesses need skilled professionals to develop and foster new breakthroughs, especially as several factors spur innovation at a rapid pace.

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The health care industry is in need of more organizations and innovators to develop technologies and procedures that improve patient outcomes while reducing costs. Additionally, businesses need leaders who can evaluate how industry trends promote innovation and determine which breakthroughs are worth exploration.

If you want to grow your health care innovation expertise to count yourself among the professionals developing these new solutions, the ASU Online Master of Healthcare Innovation can help you cultivate your qualifications.

Infographic on trends and cost of the healthcare industry
Greater access to health insurance.
The U.S. population continues to grow, expanding the number of insured individuals. As this figure climbs, more Americans demand service and providers need efficient diagnostic and treatment tools to scale quality patient care. New health technologies are rising to meet this need.
Health care startup expansion.
Startup organizations provide many of the new technologies changing health care today. Year over year, they raise more capital to invent emerging diagnosis and treatment methods. This sector has presented opportunities for innovators who want to take the lead in growing businesses or build their own companies to revolutionize care.
Higher health care costs.
From insurance premium increases to higher operating costs, consumers and providers have felt the financial challenges of seeking and providing care, respectively. As hospitals, clinics and other settings plan to adopt solutions that address these problems, they need professionals who can assess or develop cost-effective innovations.


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