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How much is ASU Online tuition?

Ranked as a best buy college by the Fiske Guide to Colleges, ASU Online is a top university for excellence and value among public colleges in the U.S. ASU Online tuition costs range between $561–$1,343 per credit hour*, depending on your program, transfer credits and course load. About 80% of all ASU students receive some form of financial aid, meaning that only a few students end up paying the full cost.

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*Undergraduate and graduate cost estimates above include program fees. This is not a bill. This is only an estimate. Special class fees are dependent on specific class enrollment and are not included here. The RN to BSN program is $474 per credit hour.

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At ASU Online, we want to help our students every step of the way. College costs can seem overwhelming, but you’re not alone. Our calculator helps you estimate your full-time tuition fees. Keep in mind that this is the cost before any scholarships, grants or financial aid is applied.

Financial aid can reduce out-of-pocket costs, resulting in less financial stress and increased academic confidence. Learn more.

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*Disclaimer: This is not a bill. This is only an estimate. Amounts shown in the Tuition and Fees Schedule, or in other university publications or web pages, represent tuition and fees as currently approved. Arizona State University reserves the right to increase or modify tuition and fees without prior notice, upon approval by the Arizona Board of Regents or as otherwise consistent with board policy and to make such modifications applicable to students enrolled at ASU at that time as well as to incoming students. All tuition amounts and fees are subject to change at any time for correction of errors. Please note that fee amounts billed for any period may be adjusted at a future date.
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Online tuition and fees explained

While tuition and fee estimates can look overwhelming, your net online tuition price provides a better estimate of how much money you’ll actually spend on your college degree. Your net price is the cost of tuition and fees subtracted by any college financial aid such as grants, scholarships, tuition waivers and other types of federal aid.

Are online degrees more affordable?

ASU Online tuition is closely aligned with ASU’s in-state tuition costs meaning an online degree might be more affordable depending on your specific situation. Also as an online student, you don’t pay for campus room and board which can help reduce your total degree cost.

Attending ASU Online has many benefits including being able to study wherever you are, learn from our award-winning faculty and even join study abroad programs. ASU does offer payment plans, which can help spread out tuition costs and make it easier to pay for college. Additionally, thanks to our partnerships with Starbucks, Uber and dozens of other organizations, students are finding different ways to pay for college and making their college dreams more accessible with ASU Online.

How can I pay for college?

Budget worksheet

Budget worksheet

Create an annual budget for your ASU costs. This sheet will help you create your own college budget. Payment plans are available.
Financial aid

Financial aid

Learn about financial aid options, how to fill out your FAFSA and how online students can get financial aid.
Scholarship opportunities

Scholarship opportunities

Online students do get financial help paying for college. Find tools to search for scholarships.

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