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Arizona State University faculty members are award-winning researchers, industry leaders and academic mentors. As an ASU Online student, you’ll learn from some of the brightest minds and have opportunities to work right alongside them as they explore innovative new ideas and make new discoveries.

View the makeup of our fall 2021 online undergraduate faculty below.


have the highest degree attainable in their field


of full-time faculty are tenured or tenure track


are women

A graphic featuring ASU faculty collaborating with online students.
A graphic featuring ASU faculty collaborating with online students.

What sets ASU Online faculty apart

ASU is ranked in the top 15 in the nation for undergraduate teaching ahead of Stanford, Yale and Harvard, according to U.S. News & World Report. Our online faculty are passionate and skilled educators committed to student success.

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Same faculty, same degree

Online students learn from the same faculty and follow the same curriculum as on-campus students. These top-tier faculty members also work alongside professional instructional designers to create all our online courses and degree programs.

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Student-centered engagement

You might never meet your professors in person, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be just another name. ASU Online faculty hold virtual office hours and use a variety of tools such as email, Canvas, Slack and Zoom to connect with students and provide frequent feedback.

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Real-world experience

Our professors have years of industry experience in government agencies, private companies, academia and more. They understand how to succeed in their field and have plenty of practical experience and professional connections to share with students.

Meet our faculty

ASU faculty accomplishments

Our faculty are world-renowned leaders across disciplines from the humanities to the sciences. See some of ASU faculty’s honors and accomplishments below.


Nobel laureates


National Academy of Engineering members


Pulitzer Prize winners


MacArthur Fellows


National Academy of Sciences members and awards


American Academy of Arts and Sciences members


Guggenheim fellows


National Endowment for the Humanities fellows


Fulbright U.S. scholars

Beyond the Screen

From inspirational family to a love of learning, all our professors have a unique story that’s led them to ASU. Hear from ASU Online faculty about the personal experiences that have shaped their careers in education and what continues to inspire them as educators.

Solving tomorrow’s problems, today

At ASU we have undertaken a bold mission to assume responsibility for the overall health of the communities we serve. Our faculty’s groundbreaking research is at the forefront of this effort as they find solutions and generate new ideas that have the potential to change the world. See some projects from our online faculty below.

A scuba diver takes a photo of a coral reef underwater.

Global coral reef maps

ASU’s Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science collaborated with several organizations to create the first-ever global map of the world’s tropical shallow coral reefs. This map can be used to advance conservation efforts and create new marine protected areas.

A mockup of the Orbital Reef space station that ASU is developing with Blue Origin.

Outer space business park

ASU is partnering with Blue Origin and other space industry leaders to create a mixed-use business park in space. The space station, called Orbital Reef, will be in low Earth orbit and have shared facilities to support space exploration, research, tourism, education and more.

Elementary school students smile as they eat a healthy lunch at school.

Improving child health

Researchers from ASU and Rutgers University found that children who live near convenience stores are more likely to gain weight over time. This study confirms the large impact food environment has on children’s health and can be used to design better food policies.

Join our faculty

Are you interested in teaching at ASU? We have jobs available for a wide range of qualifications and professions. Visit our careers page to explore our open positions.

Join our faculty

Are you interested in teaching at ASU? We have jobs available for a wide range of qualifications and professions. Visit our careers page to explore our open positions.

Faculty news and stories

Three ASU students speak together in a building on campus.

How ASU Online’s social justice and human rights master’s program is bringing research opportunities to online students

January 18, 2022 · 13 min. read

An ASU Online OURS program participant wearing a lab coat conducts a research experiment with a plant in a lab.

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January 25, 2022 · 4 min. read

An ASU Online representation and identity in photography student hangs images on strings.

ART 394: Learn about representation and identity in photography

February 24, 2022 · 3 min. read

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