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February 20, 2024 · 4 min read · By ASU Online
Whether you’re set on medical school or you’re still deciding what health-related career is best for you, we’ve got you covered. Read on for details about the pre-health degrees offered by ASU Online and discover the opportunities each program can lead to.

What’s a pre-health degree and what can you do with it?

A pre-health degree refers to an undergraduate program that prepares you for graduate-level education and career opportunities in health-related fields, such as dentistry, pharmacy, nursing and more. A variety of bachelor’s programs fall under the umbrella of pre-health degrees.

The coursework of a pre-health degree includes foundational science courses such as biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Since the requirements for each career or graduate program you’re considering may vary, you’ll need to research and plan your educational experience to align with your goals.


What are the differences between a pre-health and pre-med degree?

Pre-med, short for pre-medical, is a category within pre-health and the terms are often used interchangeably. However, if you’re interested in a healthcare profession outside of practicing medicine, such as optometry or dentistry, there are a variety of ASU Online pre-health programs that can align with your career path.

Key differences between the two include:


Inclusive scope: Pre-health programs prepare you for a variety of healthcare professions such as pharmacy, physical therapy, dentistry, optometry, physician assistant, podiatry, chiropractic and more, as well as medicine.

Flexibility: Pre-health programs are designed to be flexible so you can tailor your coursework to meet different professional and graduate program entry requirements based on your path.


Specific focus: Pre-med focuses only on preparing you for medical school and a career in medicine as a licensed physician (MD or DO).

Medical school: Pre-med programs prepare you specifically for the rigorous admissions process of medical school, including the standardized test (MCAT) and competitive application process.


ASU Online’s featured pre-health degree options

  • Applied biological sciences (Pre-dental), BS
    • Learn the fundamentals of human biology and complete dental-specific courses that provide you with opportunities for hands-on internships.
  • Applied biological sciences (Preveterinary medicine), BS
    • Explore the anatomy and behavior of animals while also developing a strong understanding of biology and chemistry.
  • Biological sciences, BS
  • Biochemistry, BS
    • Learn how to apply understanding of structure and properties of matter to answer questions about biology at the molecular level.
  • Biochemistry (Medicinal chemistry), BS
    • Learn about the chemical reactions of living organisms, including how medicine influences human health at the molecular and atomic levels.
  • Biomedical engineering, BSE
    • Focus on bridging the gap between engineering (materials science, electrical and chemical) and the life sciences (biology, genetics and chemistry).
  • Integrative health, BS
    • Learn how to integrate wellness practices with western medicine to develop holistic methods for treating someone physically, mentally and spiritually.
  • Medical studies, BS
    • Gain core knowledge in the sciences and learn about patient communication, cultural competence, and team-based health care.
  • Nursing, RN to BSN
    • Learn how to provide patient care in a range of settings and address the future challenges in health care.
    • Please note: You must have your RN license or have passed the NCLEX exam to qualify. However, if you’re currently earning an associate degree in nursing at a regionally accredited college you can pursue both degrees at the same time through the concurrent enrollment program.
  • Pharmacology and toxicology, BS
    • Gain insight into how chemicals affect living beings from cells to organisms such as humans, animals and the environment.
  • Speech and hearing science, BS
    • Learn about the anatomy and physiology of typical speech, hearing and language development as well as the basics of deficits and disorders.

Other online pre-health programs to consider, depending on your graduate studies and career goals, include:

Pre-health advising

The biggest factors in a successful path to any health profession are the support system and resources you have available along the way. ASU’s Health Professions Advising office provides you with resources and guidance to understand your path and encourage your growth to becoming a well-rounded candidate for your career goals.


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