As a student in the online interdisciplinary arts and performance degree, you’ll gain valuable skills for a career as an artist, performer or creative professional. You’ll broaden your worldview of contemporary art-making practices. Your newfound knowledge will inspire you to find new ways of creating unique artworks and performances.
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What is interdisciplinary art?

Interdisciplinary art synergizes multiple disciplines such as digital media, performance and visual art to create artworks. With interdisciplinary arts and performance, artists create new ways to express, perform and experience.

What is a degree in interdisciplinary arts and performance?

Are you ready to take your creativity to the next level and become a multidisciplinary artist? If so, the Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary arts and performance may be ideal for you. You’ll first learn the fundamentals of digital media, performance and visual art. Throughout the undergraduate program, you’ll take a deep dive into the practical and theoretical studies of all facets of art. These include visual, sonic, performance, game and media art. Once you have a solid interdisciplinary arts foundation, you’ll build on your knowledge through practice. You'll take part in a range of art-making practices. These might include creating art for exhibits, participating in theater performances, directing short films and more.

In the online bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary arts and performance program, you’ll take theory, practice and project-oriented courses. You may complete this coursework in your community and in collaboration with your peers. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the online interdisciplinary arts and performance degree, we encourage you to collaborate with others and push the boundaries by synergizing many arts and disciplines in your work. Your art can be an avenue for raising awareness of social, scientific and political issues.

The Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary arts and performance includes exceptional faculty mentoring. You’ll work with a faculty member who will help you develop a professional-level portfolio of well-crafted artwork and research. Your portfolio will give you a competitive edge in the market of your choosing, whether it be the job, art or entertainment market.

What can I do with a degree in interdisciplinary arts and performance?

Whether you’re seeking a career in curation, higher education or the arts, an interdisciplinary arts and performance degree can help. In the online program, you’ll develop critical, creative and technical skills. You’ll receive extensive training for future careers in contemporary art and culture. You’ll also be ready to tap into evolving marketplaces and expanding fields of arts research and practice.

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The New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at Arizona State University focuses on a personalized learning experience and the complex and unique ways different fields of study interact and affect one another to better prepare you for the future. The college’s undergraduate and graduate degrees provide innovative coursework and hands-on experiences to prepare students for the social, economic, political and cultural challenges they’ll face in a rapidly expanding, diverse global marketplace.

New College programs emphasize experiential learning that spans academic disciplines and encourages an appreciation for all forms of creativity. Each program provides study and exploration that fosters a deeper understanding of the diversity and interdependent nature of the human experience. A curriculum that supports a compassionate and creative approach to the complexities of real-world challenges is a hallmark of the New College.

In carefully crafting courses, the nationally acclaimed ASU New College faculty is committed to developing programs that teach students to nurture and expand their intellectual curiosity. New College programs and courses help students develop a critical outlook based on observation and a vast array of methods of inquiry, preparing them to become independent thinkers who are empowered to shape society.


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Our faculty is comprised of highly awarded scholars and artists who have established strong reputations locally, nationally and internationally. They include:

  • A Fulbright scholar.
  • An award-winning composer, arranger and producer.
  • A recipient of the Champion of the Arts Award by the West Valley Arts Council.
  • A recipient of an Emmy Award for Directing.
  • A five-time Arizona award-winning director.

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Related Careers

What jobs can I get with an interdisciplinary arts degree?

The Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary arts and performance can open the door to a range of career possibilities. The program’s liberal arts approach to interdisciplinary art-making practices prepares students to be well versed in several different modalities for whichever path they pursue. Students may find careers as:


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