How long does it take to earn an online degree

Arizona State University offers more than 100 online bachelor's degrees. These fully online undergraduate programs and the award-winning faculty you’ll learn from allow you earn a degree your way on your time.

So just how flexible are ASU’s online bachelor’s degree programs? Can you earn your degree in less than four years? How about more than four years for part-time students? Will your online degree be respected? (Answer: Yes!)

Get the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about online degrees below.

How long does it take to earn a bachelor’s degree?

A bachelor’s degree is typically completed in four years, and that’s true for online programs as well.

One benefit of ASU’s online programs is the flexibility they offer busy professionals, parents and those balancing other parts of a busy life. So, part-time students are likely to take more than four years to complete their degree.

Can I earn a degree faster online than in person?

You must complete 120 credits to earn your undergraduate degree. Ultimately, your degree completion timeline is dependent on you.

You’re allowed to enroll in up to 18 credits hours for spring and fall semesters and seven credits for each summer session.

Online courses are accelerated with most being just 7.5 weeks long. So that max of 18 credit hours per semester can be split between two sessions; each semester’s session A and session B. More so, taking courses during summer sessions, in addition to spring and fall, can shorten your time to a degree.

How can I earn an undergraduate degree fast?

ASU does offer two types of accelerated programs.

  • ASU’s 4+1 programs allow you to complete your undergraduate and graduate degrees in five years total. That expedites the process to complete both.
  • ASU’s fast track plans allow students to take courses through all the year’s six sessions and complete their degree in either a 2.5- or 3-year track.

How long are ASU Online classes?

Most courses are 7.5 weeks long and most have two start dates each semester.

Are online degrees respected?

Definitely. Your degree from ASU Online is taught by the same esteemed faculty as the on-campus programs. The rigor and quality of the content, as well as the course load, is the same as the on-campus classes.

“Consensus on the quality of online degrees has been building for some time,” notes Casey Evans, senior director of strategic learner and program mobilization at EdPlus at ASU. “There should be no difference between the respect given to a traditional on-campus degree and an ASU Online degree; they’re the same degree offered on a different modality.”

Will my bachelor degree say “online” on the diploma?

No. ASU Online graduates receive a diploma from Arizona State University, same as students who earn their degrees on campus. Neither your diploma nor transcripts will note that it’s an online degree.

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