Miss the deadline for spring? Take advantage of ASU Online’s multiple start dates

January 10, 2023 · 3 min read · By ASU Online

If you missed the deadline to start school this January, you don’t have to wait until next fall to begin your path to your degree at Arizona State University. You can still attend school this spring by taking ASU Online courses during the Spring B session, starting in March.


Multiple start dates

Multiple start dates for ASU Online courses mean you can earn your degree around your schedule. Having the choice of multiple start dates allows busy students the opportunity to balance work, family and other commitments with earning a degree.

Most ASU Online programs have six session start dates per year. While fall and spring start dates are the same for each program, summer sessions may vary. The next start date is listed on each of our online degree program pages to help you plan accordingly.


What are the ASU Online start dates?

ASU Online programs generally have two start dates each semester, although this does vary more so for graduate programs. Most programs begin in August, October, January and March, with either one or two summer start dates. Programs with two summer start dates begin in May and have their second start date six to seven weeks into the semester. Other programs only have one 7.5-week session during the summer beginning in May.

Details for upcoming semesters are found on ASU’s academic calendar, and information on next start dates for each program can be found on ASU Online degree search.


What if I’m a transfer student? Or a military student? Or starting school again?

ASU Online start dates are the same for all students. And the flexible start dates mean students on different paths can accommodate their schedule.


How is the ASU Online academic calendar different?

ASU Online courses have a compressed workload that allows an entire semester’s worth of work to be completed in about half the time as its on-campus counterpart. The short sessions and multiple start dates each semester allow students to take courses and earn their degree on a schedule that best works for them.

“Our programs and courses are created with maximum flexibility to meet the schedules of our largely part-time student population, many of whom are working full-time jobs and caring for their families,” said Juliet Greenwood, vice dean for educational initiatives for EdPlus at ASU.

Meredith Toth, assistant dean of digital learning at ASU’s Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College added, “For students who have multiple responsibilities such as work, school and family, the ability to focus on fewer classes per session, while still completing the same number of classes over the course of the semester, makes a significant difference in their ability to be successful.”


Do short online sessions mean I can earn my degree faster?

Both online and on-campus students may enroll in up to 18 credits hours (or 19 credit hours for programs within the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering) for spring and fall semesters and 7 credit hours for each summer session.

“Time to degree is mostly determined by the rate at which a student successfully completes the courses and requirements on the major map for their degree program,” said Greenwood. “What ASU Online does particularly well is increase the frequency and access to those courses."

This means that the time to complete a degree program online is largely dependent on a number of factors, including number of credits taken each session/semester and number of credits transferred into a program, if any.


Is it hard to keep up with classwork in a 7.5-week session?

Because the workloads can be more intense than 15-week courses, students need to prioritize their time and have a plan to successfully complete the courses.

“The compressed term length moves quickly and students may find they need to organize their time differently, set up new routines and develop study skills that will help them be successful,” said Toth.

“This shortened time frame can take a little getting used to, as the amount of work in a course is still

ASU Online empowers student success with an unparalleled suite of support services that are there to assist in your success every step of the way.

One resource provided to every ASU Online student is a success coach, who is dedicated to you from day one to graduation. Success coaches offer time management tips, connect you to resources and cheer you on throughout your educational journey.

Greenwood noted, “It is critical for students to engage with their success coach to create a plan that organizes their time and effort most efficiently for the successful completion of courses.”

Greenwood also recommended students study each course's syllabus before the session starts, engage with their professors and not hesitate to ask questions, and take advantage of the school’s tutoring resources.

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