ASU delivers Shark Tank style entrepreneurial experience

February 11, 2019 · 2 min read · By ASU Online

Innovation is in everything we do at ASU. It’s part of who we are, and it’s a notion that continues to thrive and push the boundaries of entrepreneurship. Every year we turn our ideas into reality, and we want to help our students do the same thing.


Propel your entrepreneurial aspirations

The Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Arizona State University connects you to information, resources and people that can help you propel your entrepreneurial aspirations. This program provides students with an experience similar to Shark Tank (a reality tv show where entrepreneurs make deals with investors) through learning, engaging and launching their ideas.


Entrepreneurship is a skill that involves the right mindset. Our students learn how to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, by letting their curiosity run wild and discovering the potential behind their ventures. ASU offers programs, resources and coursework that can help students start a business or bring their ideas to life.


Through Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students can connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship. We have competitions and conferences with both face-to-face and virtual opportunities, and online communities that give ASU Online students an innovative experience through a supportive community.


The best thing about Entrepreneurship and Innovation at ASU? We give our students the chance pitch their startup to us, Shark Tank style! ASU Venture Devils have created a network that provides funding opportunities for students who compete in our bi-annual Pitch Playoff and Demo Day events, in which online submissions are welcome. We also provide dedicated mentorship and training to help develop student ideas.

“The Venture Devils program is perfect for ASU Online students; it allows entrepreneurs the flexibility and resources to work on their startups while pursuing their degrees on their time and at their pace, regardless of their location,” said Brent Sebold, Executive Director of Venture Development at Entrepreneurship + Innovation.

ASU Online students can take their entrepreneurial ideas and aspirations to the next level through Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Our team is dedicated to helping students grow as entrepreneurs and launching their ventures through the nation’s most innovative university.

Visit Entrepreneurship and Innovation to get involved and learn more


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