Nondegree-seeking student

Can I take online classes without declaring a major?

Yes. Nondegree-seeking students and visiting university students can take accredited ASU Online classes to fulfill prerequisites, bachelor's degree requirements or continuing education courses to develop new skills.

Interested in taking a few ASU Online classes but not ready to pursue a degree? Take a prerequisite course. Interested in staying on track for your bachelor's degree at another institution? Take a required course that might not be readily available to you. Interested in enriching your skillset? Continue your professional education through self-paced courses or certificate programs.

Visiting university students (undergraduate)

A visiting university student is enrolled in an undergraduate program at another college or university. These students are interested in catching up, staying on track or accelerating the completion of their bachelor’s degree during these uncertain times.

What is a visiting university student?

What courses can I take?

How do I apply?

Apply now as a visiting university student

Nondegree courses (undergraduate/graduate)

Students can attend ASU as a nondegree student in order to take individual courses as prerequisites for a desired program, to transfer to another institution or for personal experience instead of applying and pursuing a full degree program. Students will need to apply to ASU and be admitted as an ASU student. All classes taken as a nondegree student will be for earned credit and will be listed on an official ASU transcript with grade earned.

What is a nondegree student?

Do I need to submit my transcripts?

How do I apply?

Apply now as a nondegree student

Continuing education

CareerCatalyst provides learners the opportunity to enhance current skills or acquire high demand skills without the need for prerequisites or an application. These skills are taught in a self-paced, self-facilitated, competency-based online format, so you can move at your own pace. Learners have the option of taking individual courses or groups of courses that earn them a certificate.

Why should I take CareerCatalyst courses?

Who should take CareerCatalyst courses?

What types of courses are available?

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