Nondegree-seeking student

Personalized learning with individual courses

Nondegree-seeking students can take accredited Arizona State University classes online without pursuing a full degree program for various reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Taking required courses to stay on track or accelerate the completion of a bachelor’s degree at a different institution. 
  • Exploring a variety of academic courses for personal enrichment that may lead to a potential major interest.
  • Building new professional and technical skills through self-paced courses or certificate programs with our CareerCatalyst programs.

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Visiting university students (undergraduate)

A visiting university student is enrolled in an undergraduate program at another college or university. These students take Arizona State University classes to catch up, stay on track or accelerate the completion of their degree.

ASU welcomes visiting university students to choose from a robust catalog of classes. As a national leader in online learning, we can help you stay on track academically and advance toward your personal and professional goals.

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Nondegree courses (undergraduate/graduate)

Students can attend ASU as a nondegree student in order to take individual courses as prerequisites for a desired program or for personal experience instead of pursuing a full degree program.

What is a nondegree student?

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How do I apply?

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Continuing education

CareerCatalyst provides learners the opportunity to enhance current skills or acquire high-demand skills without the need for prerequisites or an application. These skills are taught in a self-paced, self-facilitated, competency-based online format, so you can move at your own pace. Learners can take individual courses or groups of courses that earn them a certificate.

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