The Master of Science in biomedical diagnostics is designed to help you understand the vital role diagnostics plays in every facet of the health care system. Our students and faculty are committed to improving the quality of life for people around the world and stimulating economic growth through advanced research and education.

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What can you do with a biomedical degree?

Graduates with a master’s in biomedical diagnostics can help biomedical companies to transform health care and medical services, or take on management roles in the field. A master’s in biomedical diagnostics from ASU Online can help provide you with the knowledge and experience to pursue new career opportunities.

The Master of Science in biomedical diagnostics is a professional degree that offers specialized training and coursework on key topics in medical research, health care finance, patient management and more. The online program covers four core curricular areas that can help you build a more holistic understanding of biomedical diagnostics, including:

  • Technology of Diagnostics.
  • Science of Diagnostics.
  • Business of Diagnostics.
  • Application of Diagnostics.

Through this biomedical diagnostics program, you will study how diagnostics influences decision-making at medical organizations around the world, from pharmaceutical and technology development to health care policy and finance. Students can develop a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory, business, legal and technological facets of biomedical diagnostics, which can help prepare you for a variety of careers in health care. Over the longer term, this degree program provides the education and training to enable its graduates the ability to analyze issues and problems in a more holistic manner, thus being better prepared to provide more impactful outcomes for the company they work for, as well as the diagnostics and medical industries.

To learn more about the specific skills you can build through the Master of Science in biomedical diagnostics program, explore the degree spotlight.

This 30-credit-hour MS program is designed to be completed in less than two years with the possibility to complete it within one year and is primarily offered in condensed 7.5-week sessions. To graduate, you will develop an applied project on a topic relevant to the diagnostics field alongside other ASU students, professors or the university’s industry and organization partners working in the area of biomedical diagnostics.

Building in the future of health care

At the College of Health Solutions, students and faculty work together to research some of the most pressing health challenges of the modern era. This active collaboration can help graduates from the MS in biomedical diagnostics program prepare to make meaningful contributions to the medical field and remain competitive in the health workforce of the future.

  • In the fall 2019, the College of Health Solutions had 6,758 students, 289 Barrett Honors scholars, 163 faculty members and $14.5 million in research expenditures.
  • Ongoing partnerships with the medical community offer students access to professional resources and networking opportunities with Mayo Clinic, Banner Health, HonorHealth, Dignity Health and more.


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The Master of Science in biomedical diagnostics program is led by distinguished faculty members who continue to practice and actively engage with the health care community and have over 100 years cumulatively of industry experience. This professional insight can provide you with practical perspectives on medical research, patient management and technological innovation. Faculty highlights include:

  • Leadership within the Mayo Clinic.
  • Diabetes and cardiovascular disease research.
  • Health monitoring technology research.
  • Big data analysis to improve patient health and outcomes.
  • Study of human communication through state-of-the-art cognitive, behavioral and neuroscience techniques
  • Research to understand the link between environment and policy on food security and community health
  • Executive and managerial experience at large companies such as Roche, Sanofi, Amersham (now part of GE Healthcare), Genomic Health, Xifin, and Genzyme, as well as a number of startup companies.

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After earning an MS in biomedical diagnostics or a master’s in biomedical diagnostics online, graduates often pursue research-focused positions in health care, including:


How to apply to the ASU Online biomedical diagnostics graduate program

All applicants must fulfill the requirements of both the Graduate College and the College of Health Solutions to qualify for the Master of Science in biomedical diagnostics program. Eligible candidates typically possess a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university in one of the following, or a closely related field:.

  1. Biomedical informatics.
  2. Biology.
  3. Life sciences.
  4. Chemistry.
  5. Biochemistry.
  6. Engineering.
  7. Biomedical engineering.
  8. Business.
  9. Computer science.
  10. Supply chain management.
  11. Health sciences.
  12. Medical studies.

While the above degrees are preferred, students who have relevant education in a closely related field or have at least three years work experience in the biomedical diagnostics or health care industry may also be considered for the master’s degree in biomedical diagnostics program. Candidates must have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 in the last 60 hours of their first bachelor’s degree program or in their applicable master's degree education.

To apply, you must submit the following

  1. Graduate admission application and application fee
  2. Official transcripts
  3. Personal statement/essay
  4. Up-to-date curriculum vitae or resume.
  5. Two letters of recommendation
  6. Proof of English proficiency for international students, regardless of residency status.

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