The online graduate certificate in Integrated Behavioral Health - Clinical is intended to provide master's level behavioral clinicians with skills necessary to successfully transition into the integrated primary care environment.

Some courses may be offered in a 15 week format.
Multiple enrollment sessions throughout the year.
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The graduate certificate in integrated behavioral health - clinical is designed to provide training to clinicians who aspire to work in integrated primary care behavioral health. Despite the growing need for behavioral health providers who can promote the physical and mental health of primary care patients, there remain few opportunities for specific clinical training in the field. Currently, much of the workforce consists of individuals licensed as social workers and counselors; however, few have received specific training in brief, focused interventions delivered in primary care clinics for a wide scope of health concerns.

Graduates of this certificate program will have a deeper understanding of models of primary care behavioral health, training on evidence-based approaches to behavioral healthcare, and population based health, and medical literacy to ensure applicants have a working knowledge of the skills necessary for success in the integrated primary care arena.

For more detailed information on our Doctor of Behavioral Health program please visit our DBH microsite.

Developing the health workforce of the future:

At the College of Health Solutions, students and faculty research solutions to global pressing health challenges while preparing the health workforce of the future.

  • In the fall 2019, the College of Health Solutions had 6,758 students, 289 Barrett Honors scholars, 163 faculty members and $14.5 million in research expenditures.
  • Ongoing partnerships with the medical community offer students access to professional resources and networking opportunities with Mayo Clinic, Banner Health, HonorHealth, Dignity Health and more.


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Faculty in the Doctor of Behavioral Health Program and Integrated Behavioral Health graduate certificates continue to practice and actively engage with the medical community. Faculty highlights include:

  • Joint appointments within the Mayo Clinic
  • Leadership positions within the leading professional organization in integrated behavioral health care, the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association
  • Research on the effectiveness of integrated behavioral health in primary care
  • Research on workforce development and training in screening, brief interventions, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) for substance use concerns
  • Ongoing clinical practice and consultation with HonorHealth and the S.H.O.W. Clinic at ASU, among others
  • Partnerships with regional behavioral health authorities (RBHAs) related to the development and dissemination of integrated behavioral health curricula across Arizona.
  • International initiatives aimed at assisting in the implementation of integrated behavioral health in South East Asia
  • Diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds

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Applicants must fulfill the requirements of both the Graduate College and the College of Health Solutions.

Applicants are eligible to apply to the program if they have earned a master's degree from a regionally accredited institution. The following disciplines are preferred: business or law (health care and business administration, economics, finance or law), engineering (biomedical engineering), general science (biology or physiology), health-related field (nursing, health policy or public health), or math or computer science (statistics or computer science).

Applicants must have a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA (scale is 4.00 = "A") in an applicable master's degree program.

All applicants must submit:

  1. graduate admission application and application fee
  2. official transcripts
  3. resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
  4. proof of English language proficiency
  5. copy of clinical license and licensure form
  6. one letter of professional recommendation

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