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December 07, 2021 · 4 min read · By ASU Online
ASU Online students and brand ambassadors Vicki and Claryssa talk about what it looks like to form meaningful, inspiring relationships at an online university.

One of the most common questions we hear from incoming students is “How can I stay connected with my classmates and build lasting relationships while at ASU Online?”

Our students have been able to create meaningful connections and relationships through clubs, virtual events, social media interactions, study groups, and so much more. They’ve discovered that the connections they’ve made with their fellow Sun Devils have inspired them in a variety of ways throughout their entire educational journey and beyond.

Healthy lifestyles and fitness science major Vicki Sheerin and psychology major Claryssa Guerrero are #learnASUlive brand ambassadors. Since starting their journeys at ASU Online, they were both pleasantly surprised, and inspired, by the new people they’ve met so far along the way.


This is just the beginning…

The path to college is not the same for everyone, and ASU Online was designed with that in mind – to meet learners where they are, how they learn and how they chose to build community.

Sheerin, a 37-year-old widow and mother of two, found ASU Online convenient to advance her education, yet it still offered her the traditional experience.

“My first great experience was a phone conversation with my success coach, Gareth,” she said. “I feel like he genuinely wanted to know me and my goals and how I would achieve them. Something within me clicked and what he explained as opportunities for me to grow and connect with others really opened up my eyes to the potential that was available for someone like me. ”

When Sherrin applied to ASU Online, she understood what being an online student would entail, but she had no idea that there were so many avenues for students to be involved, in ways that mirrored an in-person experience.


Joining Sun Devils Connect on Facebook

In an environment where your peers are located around the nation, or even around the world, Sun Devils Connect is a Facebook group dedicated to ASU Online students where students can connect with their peers and build community.

“I had first joined the Sun Devils Connect Facebook group and had a few conversations with fellow students,” Guerrero said. “The group was an amazing opportunity to be inspired by all of the experiences other students were having because of the insight being shared with one another. In this group, students share their struggles and successes, which is an amazing thing to see peers being supportive to each other.”

The group is a great way to jumpstart connection-building with other online students and can open many opportunities such as forming study groups, joining or creating a student club, connecting over similar passions or finding your place within a Greek organization.

Guerrero, also a mother to two young children, applied to ASU Online for the flexibility it offered her as a parent, but also the opportunity it gave her to be part of the ASU community.

“Usually, when you hear about an online degree program, it’s very easy to think to yourself that you will be just completing your degree, graduating, and that’s about the extent of your experience obtaining your degree online,” Guerrero said. “ASU Online has offered much more than an opportunity to work towards my degree. I have been able to be much more involved.”

Six tips for success with online group projects

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Online sororities offer beneficial connection opportunities

Greek Life is not only for those who have an on-campus experience. In recent years, online Greek organizations have made it possible for online students to experience opportunities that are enriching and allow them to grow personally and professionally.

Sheerin felt she needed more than the online social media community, and she was able to find the right fit within Greek Life at ASU through Sun Devils Connect. She discovered the Kappa Tau Kappa online sorority through a post. Intrigued, she reached out and expressed interest in joining.

“My experience with ASU Online so far has been phenomenal, from the exceptional and relevant coursework to becoming a member of the Kappa Tau Kappa online sorority,” Sherrin said.  “The ladies I have connected with in Kappa Tau Kappa have become more than just my sisters. Although they are still a relatively new organization, the continuing support I’ve received and given to others has built a strong support system that I am proud to be a part of.”

It was within the Sun Devils Connect Facebook group that Guerrerro also discovered Greek life. She learned about online sorority Delta Sigma and an opportunity she never thought would be possible as an online student.

“As an online student, I thought I would miss out on opportunities like joining sororities but to my surprise, I am getting the ‘college experience’ that would come with a traditional on-campus university,” Guerrero said.

Through her sorority, she’s met women from all around the country and even some from other countries, two of whom are now her ‘big’ and ‘little’ sisters.

“These ladies are a great part of my support system and some of my closest friends now,” Guerrero said. “Delta Sigma has allowed me to network with other women and learn about their experiences, as well as many other opportunities I didn’t know about.”


The positive impact

Having a holistic student experience is what college is about – learning new things, making new friends and experiencing new opportunities.

Part of the college experience is finding people who are excited about the same field of study as you, to build relationships that last beyond your college years and grow your professional network, and ASU Online has built a community of students and enabled students to thrive. 

“I feel that finding ASU Online when I did and allowing myself to really reap all the benefits, getting fully involved and building connections and new relationships with others has helped me grow so much more than I realized that I could,” Sheerin said. “This journey thus far has reminded me that distance doesn’t matter when people come together virtually in pursuing our academic goals. There is power and strength in numbers. Come find your tribe, we got you!”


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