How changing course helped a student discover her purpose

July 12, 2021 · 2 min read · By Selene Gonzalez
Selene Gonzalez thought she knew the path she wanted to take in her college career. It wasn’t until she started her language requirement that she found what she was really meant to do. 

When I first started at ASU Online, I was sure I knew what program was perfect for me. As I dove into my coursework for healthcare coordination, I started to notice I was losing interest in some general education classes that were required for the major. So I decided to start coursework for my language requirements. I took the Spanish placement test and was able to show I could start at a mid-level class instead of a class for beginners. Soon after my placement test, I was able to register for my Spanish classes.

I started with Spanish 315, which was taught by professor Angelica Amezcua. She was so passionate about teaching the subject and was always ready to help. I thrived in her course, mainly because of the structure. She set up weekly Zoom meetings, which were mandatory and a huge part of the grade.

While I was still interested in healthcare coordination, I had fallen in love with my native language and, not long after I finished that first Spanish class, I had made changes to my educational program. After taking a look at possible minors and majors, I decided to keep Spanish as my major and convert healthcare coordination to a minor. This way I wouldn't have to worry about taking classes that didn't pique my interest, but I'd still be able to pursue something in healthcare.

Going into a program then readjusting to another program you prefer is OK. No one should feel stuck in a program that doesn't make them happy or satisfied. You have the power to study and learn what you want to and what you feel will help you be fulfilled and accomplished.

Though I had less required classes related to healthcare after making it my minor, I was still able to take healthcare classes to fulfill the elective requirements for my major. Thus, I was able to learn about topics that were of interest to me while not pursuing it as my primary degree. 

Another way I’ve learned to follow my passion outside of my degree program is by joining Sun Devils Connect on Facebook and clubs at ASU. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be part of IDEAS Student Society, ¡Si, Se Puede! ASU Spanish network, and SILC Café. I’ve gotten to share resources and information with other students and even collaborate with other clubs during ASU's Welcome Week. At ASU Online, I’ve been able to find opportunities both in and out of the classroom that have sparked my interests and changed my life.


About the author

Selene Gonzalez is a brand ambassador and student in the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish online program.

Selene Gonzalez is a brand ambassador for ASU Online. Selene is a frontline worker and part of an ASU sorority. She says she majors in Spanish for personal growth not professional growth. She lives in California with her fiancé, cats and dogs.

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