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July 12, 2017 · 2 min read · By Lisa Taverner
Lisa Taverner graduated from the RN to BSN nursing program through ASU Online in May 2016 and loved her program so much that she has been actively recruiting her co-workers to apply to ASU. One has even started her BSN program this year! While she would be great to have on the ASU marketing team, Lisa has been working at Stanford's Children's Hospital for many years and attributes her improved confidence and leadership skills to this degree.

Lisa Taverner smiles in a restaurant.
Lisa Taverner, a nursing degree graduate at ASU Online, smiles at a restaurant. 

Even with years of experience in her corner, as well as financial assistance and friends and family support, going back to school was still a challenge.

“I had never done online classes before, so I was totally intimidated. I use email and other operating systems at work, but I knew this would be hard for me. I wasn’t familiar with PowerPoint, blogging or Blackboard, but there were so many people there to support me that my fears were quickly addressed.”

Lisas favorite classes were The Art of Nursing and Global Health Policy Nursing. The course on global health opened her eyes to the many health needs throughout the world, and started a thought process of one day going to some of those countries in need to provide medical services. The Art of Nursing gave her a new, fun spin on the profession.

After being in the field for 20+ years, Lisa didn’t necessarily complete her degree for career progression, but found herself developing in other areas.

“As I started to go through the program I realized how much more potential I had. I gained a lot of confidence. The professors were awesome and they nurtured that confidence in myself and the other students. As I head towards retirement, this degree will help me move forward in other nursing areas like volunteering in my community.”

Attending graduation on campus was the perfect culmination of her experience.

“I wasn’t sure about coming to campus for graduation, but my husband really encouraged me and it was an awesome experience. I am so glad I went because I met a lot of the students and professors I had interacted with online, but never seen in person.”

Lisa’s advice for students considering the RN to BSN program with ASU Online?

“A bachelor’s degree is really a necessity in this field now. If you’re feeling hesitant, know that there is so much support available throughout your experience, from professors to advisors and beyond.”

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Getting my bachelor’s degree was on my bucket list. I’m in my 50’s and my kids are out of the house, so now was the time. My boss really encouraged me to do it, and by applying to scholarships through the hospital, I ended up getting 93% of my schooling paid for.

Lisa Taverner

ASU Online RN to BSN nursing program graduate
LIsa Taverner smiles in her pink sunglasses and ASU maroon graduation cap and gown.
Lisa Taverner at her ASU graduation ceremony in Arizona.


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Lisa Taverner graduated with her nursing degree from ASU Online. Lisa completed her degree as an adult student, who already had 20+ years of working experience.

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