Yes, you can get a bachelor’s degree online and why you should

February 23, 2021 · 4 min read · By ASU Online

In today’s ever-changing world, advancing your education is more important than ever. When you earn your bachelor’s degree, you’re opening yourself up to potential new employment opportunities and a higher salary.


At Arizona State University, we measure our success not by whom we exclude, but rather by whom we include and how they succeed. We believe that everyone deserves a world-class education and we’re here to make your learning experience as flawless as possible. 


Can you get a bachelor’s degree online?

Yes, many universities offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees 100% online. As education and technology have continued to evolve, universities around the world realized they needed to make a change. Education needed to become more flexible so students could further their education anytime, anywhere.


Should I get my bachelor’s degree online? 

Arizona State University is regionally accredited to offer all of our online degree programs nationwide via distance education with ASU Online. This means ASU Online students receive the same world-class education as our on-campus students.

Additionally, upon graduation, your diploma will not reference your online education. Whether you earn your degree on campus or online, your diploma will say “Arizona State University.” This is because our online programs are taught by the same faculty using the same curriculum as our on-campus degrees.


Is an online degree faster?

ASU Online’s sessions are shorter in length but online and on-campus programs require the same number of credit hours. The exact time it’ll take you to finish your program is dependent on many factors, including the rate at which you complete your courses and specific requirements for your degree program.

Additionally, some of our online bachelor’s programs offer a 4+1 option, allowing you to earn your bachelor’s and master’s degree in as little as five years.


What's it like to earn a bachelor’s degree online?

All of ASU Online’s courses follow the same guidelines, which helps you become familiar with what is expected of you right off the bat.

ASU Online’s courses take place in an innovative learning management system called Canvas. Through this platform, you can access coursework and complete assignments from anywhere in the world. Canvas works on almost every device and makes it easy for you to complete your degree on your terms.


What bachelor’s degree can I get online?

ASU Online offers a broad selection of bachelor’s degrees, ranging from biological sciences and sustainability to business and psychology. Additionally, students pursuing an online bachelor’s degree have the opportunity to choose a minor to complement their program of study.

Find the right ASU Online bachelor’s degree for you.


How much does an online bachelor’s degree cost?

ASU Online tuition ranges from $561 – $1,343 per credit hour. The exact costs vary based on your program, transfer credits and course load.

You may also be able to decrease your annual tuition costs by applying for an ASU Online scholarship or financial aid. For a tuition fee estimate, use our tuition calculator.

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What can I do with an online bachelor’s degree?

Upon graduation, you’ll have the same opportunities as our on-campus students. You’ll have the knowledge and skills needed to gain employment in your industry. You’ll also have the opportunity to continue your education by earning an online master’s degree.

I really love how expansive ASU's online degree programs are and how they’re oriented around being as accommodating and accessible as possible.

Lara Luu

Bachelor of Arts in psychology student

How do I get my bachelor’s degree online? 

Admission guidelines vary based on the degree you select and your student status. For example, incoming first-year students pursuing a bachelor’s degree may have different requirements than transfer students pursuing the same bachelor’s degree. For more information, visit our admission page

Now is the time to continue driving yourself toward success by advancing your education. Earning your bachelor’s degree has never been easier and we’re here to help. For more information, visit

Exploratory degree tracks: An option for undecided students

ASU Online’s exploratory degree tracks give students undecided on a major the ability to begin classes while getting the time and assistance they need to choose the degree that's right for them.


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