ASU Online’s exploratory degree tracks: An option for undecided students

November 23, 2021 · 4 min read · By ASU Online
ASU Online’s exploratory degree tracks give students undecided on a major the ability to begin classes while getting the time and assistance they need to choose the degree that's right for them.

With hundreds of majors to choose from, choosing the right one can seem daunting. If you’re unsure of which major to pursue or you’re looking to gain a more comprehensive understanding of the degrees offered at Arizona State University, our exploratory degree tracks may be the right fit for you.

Four exploratory tracks related to broad topics of interest give you the information and tools needed to make the best academic choice for you. Join the hundreds of students enrolled in ASU Online’s exploratory degree tracks and explore your options for future studies.


What are exploratory tracks?

Exploratory tracks allow you to explore potential majors. As student undecided on your major, you’ll choose from four exploratory tracks at ASU Online: humanities, health, math and social sciences. While you’ll need to have a general idea of what you’re interested in, your chosen exploratory track will help guide you toward a specific major.

Each track allows you to look into different major and career options while fulfilling your general studies requirements. Specialized classes help you choose a major and support you on your professional journey, allowing you to feel more confident about the path you’ve chosen.

Each exploratory track is composed of a three-semester major map, culminating in the declaration of a major no later than after the completion of 45 credit hours.


What are the benefits of being an exploratory student?

ASU Online’s exploratory degree tracks provide the time and assistance needed to answer the big questions. By beginning college as an undecided student, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your options and ease into your college journey. Rather than choosing a major right away, through trial and error, you’ll learn about a range of topics that will help you narrow down your major selection and inspire confidence in your future studies.

ASU Online also offers assessments, which can help you gain a better idea of which majors best align with your interests and professional goals.


What will I learn as an exploratory student?

As an exploratory student, you’ll take courses, such as major and career exploration, that will guide you in choosing a major and career direction for a successful future. These courses focus on helping you explore potential career paths. Throughout the track, your academic advisor will take the time to work with you individually to make sure you feel confident in your major selection. 

You’ll also take courses specific to the exploratory track of your choosing.


What exploratory tracks are offered through ASU Online?

ASU Online offers four exploratory degree tracks to help you focus on broad topics of interest. You’ll select from the following areas of study:

While enrolled as an undecided student, you’ll choose a track that aligns with your interests. Each track walks you through a variety of majors and career options related to your area of study. After working through the track, you’ll declare a major relevant to your professional development.

Health and life sciences
In the health and life sciences degree track, you’ll look into a range of majors related to these two career paths. Although specific to your chosen major, careers associated within this field of study include positions in health on the global and local scale, biological sciences, environmental science and medicine. Many students go on to pursue careers in fields such as medicine, research or public health.
Humanities, fine arts and design
In the humanities, fine arts and design degree track, you'll take courses that fulfill your general studies requirements while looking into potential career paths in design, architecture, history, language studies, English and other related fields. This is an excellent exploratory track for those interested in art- or humanities-based careers.
Math, physical sciences, engineering and technology
In the math, physical sciences, engineering and technology degree track, you’ll dig deeper into majors relating to these fields. Careers that may result from this track include those in computer science, Earth and space exploration, physics, applied mathematics and aerospace. While in this exploratory track, you’ll fulfill your general studies requirements with an emphasis in mathematics to ensure you’re on track when you select your future degree. 
Social and behavioral sciences
Careers that may result from the social and behavioral sciences degree track include those relating to business, anthropology, criminology, politics, journalism and finance. This exploratory track could be a great fit if you’re interested in topics such as public affairs, business management or psychology.

Find your passion through ASU Online’s exploratory degree tracks

Enrolling in one of ASU Online’s exploratory degree tracks is a great way to help you explore your passions and discover a major specific to your interests and career goals. Your time and money are valuable, and these exploratory degree tracks help you save both by providing the option to complete general degree requirements while simultaneously guiding you toward a degree path that’s right for you.

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