Time management tips for parents

April 08, 2021 · 3 min read · By Lauren Dohr
ASU Online student and brand ambassador Lauren Dohr shares her top five time management tips for parents.

1. Pace yourself and create a routine.

Create a schedule and follow it. If early mornings work best, set that alarm and grab your coffee! Even after the kiddo’s bedtime routine and you’ve told so many stories your throat is raw, don’t slow down! Make some hot tea and get studying!

Creating a daily routine helps you develop productive habits and stay focused. I know that as parents we often multitask, like studying while making dinner or cleaning the house (thank you lectures that don’t involve video)! Giving yourself a basic routine is a tremendous help. Especially when prepping for finals!

2. Set up a study space.

Find a study space! Do you have a spare room you can use as a workspace? A dining table to use when the house is calm? Put up a sign telling the family that it's quiet time and get to work.

I’ve hidden in the bathtub to take a final exam before. My daughter was in my workspace working on her classes and it was a quiet room with nothing to set off the proctoring software. (This is not necessarily my tip for a study space, but rather a motivational anecdote).

3. Begin early and prioritize.

Break up your prep, study, and final assignments. I can work on multiple courses at the same time, but I know many aren’t able to focus like that. Take it one class at a time. One class has a final paper, one has an exam, and the other has a 2-part project? Great, tackle them one at a time! Which one seems to come easiest to you? The paper? Great! Start with the paper and then work on the rest. For me, exams are rough and I have to spend more focus studying than writing. Because I realize this, I can prioritize and avoid saving things to the last minute.

4. Take breaks and stay well rested.

Seriously, take breaks. With how short sessions are, trying to cram studying in can take a toll on your mental health. Set up times to take a walk, get a snack, do something crafty, or even take a nap to get your mind off school for a little bit.

5. Review the materials.

Does the professor offer a study session? Join it. Set up study groups with classmates. Sometimes teaching the material helps you better understand and retain it for quizzes or exams. Create a study guide that works with how you learn! I’ve had classmates set up podcasts to help them study because they were auditory learners. If you know how many True/False, multiple choice, or essay questions will be on the exam, study the material in that manner. The point is, cater to your needs. As parents, we all know how valuable free-time is, so make the most of it!


About the author

Lauren Dohr is a brand ambassador from south Florida. She’s pursuing a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership and a minor in history through ASU Online. 

We're so excited to share Lauren’s story! Lauren is a part of our #learnASUlive team, an ASU Online brand ambassador program highlighting students who are earning their degrees while living their lives to the fullest. If you enjoyed this, be sure to check back for new articles from Lauren so that you can follow along with her journey. To check out all her posts to date, visit Lauren’s Instagram!

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