Finishing college online with a victorious mindset

By Taylor Brune, Brand Ambassador. Online Bachelor of Science in Integrative Health.

When I first started ASU Online, it was the year 2016, and I had been undergoing Lyme treatment along with other treatments for my autoimmune diseases. I had entered into ASU with the mindset of overcoming life’s obstacles and earning my degree in the process. It is now 2019, my last year at ASU Online, and I am leaving with a victorious mindset. I came in fighting for my life and for my academic career, and I am leaving with a stronger sense of self, a stronger knowledge, and a stronger will to become victorious in the other areas of my life.

Online student Taylor talks about her health issues and how to succeed as an online college student.

Having the opportunity to continue my schooling, even while sick on treatment, truly changed my life and my perspective. Being a full-time patient, one gets faced with the ongoing battle of feeling that one is not good enough to accomplish one’s goals. One is faced with the possibility of not being able to overcome disease, lose time, and even life. One is faced with numerous obstacles daily that tests one’s faith, hope, trust, and belief in oneself. I feel much gratitude for the strength I built over these past few years has truly developed me into the woman I am meant to become. I feel grateful that I had this opportunity to finish my schooling so that I can step forth into pursuing medicine and helping patients for the rest of my life.

Learning how to balance my academic life with all other aspects of my life truly taught me endurance and to never give up on my dreams and goals. It taught me that fighting for what I want is worth every obstacle, because in the process of fighting, one becomes courageous and victorious. Knowing I have gone from being the patient to helping patients has transformed my life, and I will forever attribute part of my growth to ASU.

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