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Don’t put it off: 3 tips for managing your time

November 22, 2019 · 3 min read · By Andrew McDowell
You put your work off today. After all, you have all day tomorrow to study – right? It always seems like it will be okay, especially if you know the material and can buy time tomorrow; until you can’t, that is. Time you spend on your future deserves so much more than “I’ll take care of it tomorrow.” I speak, of course, with experience in poor, and positive, time management skills alike.

Drew's story

I remember my undergraduate studies flying by, barely able to adjust to what would come tomorrow. I thought that it would be fine if I handled it tomorrow. However, I now see things differently, as time seems to speed up as I work through my graduate studies. Tomorrow is a hope that I want to give to my future, but today is what my future deserves. Flying by the seat of my pants simply would not cut it! I had to adapt, change habits, and be open about my time with my friends, family, co-workers, and most importantly, myself.

I have taken the following pieces of advice from professors, family members, great friends, and colleagues (hint, the aforementioned will play a big part in your time management):

Identify what needs more of your time.

Not every task is equal. You might find that some areas need more of your focus than others. Some require you to focus on studying, others will require taking tests. If you learn to allocate time properly, you can schedule more effectively.

Use your support team to help keep you on track.

Your support team is as proud of your education as you are. Letting them truly know when you are and are not available will go two-fold. It’s important to make a habit of keeping your time blocked off, even around socially tempting settings, to build a sense of importance around the time you are giving to your education.

Write due dates and study times down on a calendar.

Block off those times and treat them like an important meeting.

Healthy habits

Time management is not always as easy as just starting one day, and it certainly is not limited to these three suggestions. Everyone’s needs are unique, but if you can find the balance, you’ll find you’re able to put more emphasis on what is most important. Chip away at healthy time habits bit by bit. You’ll find that time management is a skill for everyone!

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