Coaches corner part 4: How success coaches help you find the perfect balance

May 18, 2018 · 3 min read · By ASU Online

ASU Online success coaches, like Carlos Tavares gives insight into how online students can leverage their personal success coaches to successfully pass their classes and earn their degrees online.


Any online student can tell you that an online education comes with a unique set of challenges. Online students come from all walks of life and log into their classrooms from around the world. These students are often full-time employees, single parents, or both. Balancing schoolwork with other life priorities can be quite the hurdle to overcome. It’s no wonder online students sometimes feel like all their time is spent on coursework.

At ASU Online, earning your degree doesn’t have to come at the expense of things that matter: your family, friends and well-being, to name a few. Whatever your situation, ASU Online success coaches, like Carlos Tavares, are equipped to help you strike the perfect balance.

Finding balance

Carlos has a lot of first-hand experience with issues that affect online students, especially those related to time management. “These [students] are people who already have a job, kids, or are older students who often experience technology challenges,” he explains. Carlos molds his coaching style to account for each student’s individual needs.

It can be overwhelming to plan out your week around school, work and family – in fact, it can seem impossible at times. With a phone call or an instant message, Carlos helps his students start their week with a plan of attack, instead of a list of worries. His believes that a student’s success is dependent on planning out each week and breaking down personal and academic priorities hour-by-hour. This approach might seem tedious, but Carlos believes that it affords his students the structure to meet their goals and the freedom to do more of what they love.

Carlos shares a story of a student who struggled to find enough time in the week to spend with her husband and children. Her lack of time management started to impact not only how much time she spent with her family but the quality of that time as well. “That student went from not being able to manage her time and having problems with her family to being able to go to the lake with her husband on Saturdays to relax. Even her interpersonal relationships with her sons and friends have improved because of the phone call we get to have every week,” he says.

While carving out time for your family is important, Carlos also believes that students can only succeed if they also make time for self-care. “Find time for [yourself]. Yes, prioritize schoolwork, family, work, but also find time to prioritize self-care. If that means sitting in a room without sound in complete darkness, then that’s fine,” he says.

Striking the right balance that works for your needs is something that Carlos is passionate about. What’s his favorite part about being a success coach? “When a student says, ‘I’m so glad we had this conversation' or ‘I’m so glad you called today,’” he says, “Being able to help students in different capacities is amazing.”

Regardless of your situation, earning your college degree is possible, especially since you don’t have to do it alone. Success coaches are here to be your mentor, confidante, cheerleader and so much more – and the best part is, they’re available when you need them most. Pursue your passions and achieve your dreams with the guidance and support of an ASU Online success coach.

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