Course spotlight: ART 407 – Digital Photography Capstone

August 23, 2022 · 2 min read · By ASU Online
ART 407 is the summit of all the work in the ASU Online’s digital photography program and is organized around a single major project. Read on to learn more about this capstone course.

Course description: ART 407: Digital Photography Capstone

ART 407 is the culmination of all the classes in the online digital photography degree. The class is organized around a single major self-directed project. Throughout the course, students will submit work once a week for critiques and will participate in their classmates’ critiques.

At the end of the course, students will have a complete portfolio of images that may be realized in a variety of forms, such as an online gallery, a website, a printed portfolio or a photo book. Students will also write an artist statement to accompany their work.

Your instructor: Betsy Schneider

An artist herself, Betsy Schneider has exhibited her work nationally and internationally. In 2011, she was named a Guggenheim fellow, and she is a 2021 recipient of a Global Sport Institute seed grant. 

Schneider embraces the opportunity to teach the capstone class.

“It’s the last class where students can put in everything that they’ve learned toward a final project,” she says. “They learn how to design and execute a project, and how to go back and rework it, and end up with a product that they’re happy with and excited about. And that’s very useful in terms of self-direction and self-discipline.”


How you’ll learn

You’ll work on your final project throughout the course and submit work on a weekly basis. There are asynchronous critiques each week: Schneider goes over students’ submissions with classmates contributing to the conversation, telling their peers what is and isn’t working and encouraging them to make stronger pieces.

“It’s a constant throughout the class that students are giving feedback,” she says.

ART 407 is an opportunity to put all you’ve learned about photography into a project that you’re passionate about, one that you’ll mold over weeks to create something truly unique.

“Students get to spend the term designing, discovering and executing a project that they envision themselves,” Schneider says.

She is also excited about the collaborative aspect of the class.

“My favorite thing about the capstone is getting to know the students better, getting to know their ideas, seeing what they have learned in the program, and watching how they support each other and how they push each other to make better work,” she says.

“Students will be able to walk away with an understanding of their own ability to make work that’s meaningful and accomplished and important to them.”

Bachelor of Fine Arts in art with a concentration in digital photography

This online degree program emphasizes contemporary, creative and expressive forms of digital photography.  You’ll learn how to improve your technique while growing your understanding of aesthetics and conceptual thinking.


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