Inside Higher Ed highlights ASU’s workshop for online instructors

Teaching courses online can require a lot more learning for the instructor than meets the eye. The reality is, instructors need to be prepared for teaching in a digital setting.

Inside Higher Ed took at look at how colleges train instructors to teach online, and specifically, how ASU works to educate their instructors. For ASU Online, the most important aspect of training is that instructors get to experience what it’s like to be an online student.

“It’s a real eye-opening experience,” said Marc Van Horn, ASU’s chief online learning officer and assistant vice president for ASU EdPlus. “They have to participate in discussion boards, take quizzes and submit a paper, all online.”

According to Vicki Harmon, an instructional designer and manager of professional development, the ASU Online instructional design team works with approximately 400 faculty members per year through four different workshops.

Currently, the number of students and courses make ASU’s online efforts are one of the largest in the nation.

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