Survive Finals Week

Learn how you can avoid pre-finals panic with these six study strategies:

Cut Down On Cramming
Practice time management by creating a balanced study plan. Studying in 20-50 minute intervals will help you retain information while avoiding stress. But also avoid studying too far in advance of your exam as you may forget information. If you do prefer to prepare early, be sure to review your material again closer to your exam date.

Hide The Highlighters
Although highlighting information on a page may make it stand out, it is not an active study approach. As a better strategy, try making flashcards from highlighted terms that are new to you, or try creating your own color-coding highlighting strategy. For example, you might try highlighting new words in one color and new concepts in another.

Switch Off Social Media
Multi-tasking is really just multi-distracting. When you sit down to study, turn off your cell phone and avoid checking your favorite social sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Try finding a quiet place to study that is free of distractions, such as at the library, a coffee shop, or your favorite cafe.

Snack On Superfoods
Humans cannot live on junk food alone. Snacking on junk food and sugary treats while studying can effect your blood sugar levels and cause drowsiness. Also avoid continuous snacking while studying and instead take short, healthy snack breaks to re-energize yourself and remain focused.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable
It’s tempting to cozy up on the couch or lay on your bed while studying, but getting too comfortable can hinder your ability to focus on study material. Instead, try finding a well-lit desk or table to sit at while studying.

Remember To R.E.M.
Avoid all-nighters by getting a good night’s rest prior to your exams. Try to commit to getting at least eight hours of sleep so that you’ll be alert and focused during exam time.

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