Forensic psychology is the study of how mental health and human behavior intersect with the law and the criminal justice system. This online Master of Science in Forensic Psychology program provides an overview of forensic psychology for students interested in career advancement, additional graduate study, or personal interest.

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The ASU Program on Law and Behavioral Science is one of the premier groups of scholars working on psychology-law topics in the world. The online MS in Forensic Psychology program will provide working professionals with an understanding of mental health issues and human behavior with respect to crime and the legal system. It involves specialized coursework on criminal law, criminal behavior, the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, and legal decision making. When courts are faced with cases in which a psychology-related question arises, they may turn to psychologists and ask for help with the case. For example, psychologists might assist the court in understanding a criminal's mental state at the time of a crime or whether a particular jury might have been biased against a defendant based on his or her race. This is the realm of forensic psychology.

Through these online courses, students will learn about the various roles for psychologists in the legal system and help them discover which roles they might like to pursue through careers in mental health, criminal justice, or through additional graduate training. (Note: this program will not make its graduates eligible for licensure for clinical practice.) Pursuing an online degree in Forensic Psychology will open up opportunities for career advancement for individuals employed in law enforcement, corrections, investigations, and mental health fields.

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ASU’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences faculty members are made up of some of the brightest, most innovative academic minds in the world. You will learn from nationally renowned faculty including:

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Related Careers

The Master of Forensic Psychology program prepares graduates for a variety of positions in law enforcement, corrections, mental health administration, crime analysis, policy analysis, and mental health.  We train our students about issues in clinical/forensic psychology practice, but this program is not designed for professional clinical practice and will not lead to licensure as a psychologist. 

Example Careers

  • Forensic science technician
  • Criminal investigator


Applicants must fulfill the requirements of both the Graduate College and the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.

Applicants are eligible to apply to the program if they have earned a bachelor's or master's degree in psychology, criminal justice, social science, or a closely related field from a regionally accredited institution.

Applicants must have a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA (scale is 4.00 = "A") in the last 60 hours of a student's first bachelor's degree program, or applicants must have a minimum of a 3.00 cumulative GPA (scale is 4.00 = "A") in an applicable master's degree program.

All applicants must submit:

  1. graduate admission application and application fee
  2. official transcripts
  3. letters of recommendation
  4. proof of English proficiency

Additional Application Information

An applicant whose native language is not English (regardless of current residency) must provide proof of English proficiency. Applicants with below a 3.30 GPA in the last 60 hours of the bachelor's degree are strongly encouraged to provide GRE scores. Applicants should demonstrate evidence of a completed psychology, social science or criminology statistics course.

Admissions Standards

ASU’s Online MS program in Forensic Psychology is a rigorous graduate-level program. Application materials include your transcripts from undergraduate and any previous graduate coursework, two letters of recommendation, and a personal statement that describes your interest in Forensic Psychology, your preparation for graduate study, your career aspirations, and any information you believe would help us better understand your application.

Some applicants may be offered provisional admission requiring them to meet a specific minimum GPA during their first semester in our MS Forensic Psychology program.

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