The online Master of Legal Studies in Law and Sustainability is a unique advanced legal degree for non-lawyers. Offered through ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, this program is taught by trained lawyers who are invaluable assets and influential leaders in policy dialogue and implementation locally, nationally, and internationally.

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Scientific and legal innovations will be instrumental in meeting the needs of a growing global population in the midst of the sustainability movement. The emphasis in Law and Sustainability equips students to employ legal constructs alongside technological tools to accelerate and support sustainable goals through world-class instruction, cutting-edge faculty research, and meaningful experience opportunities. Sustainably using the planet’s finite resources to support a growing global population with ever-increasing needs is a challenge that has and will continue to shape the future of environmental law and policy.

Scientific and legal innovations will be instrumental in meeting the needs of a growing global population in the midst of the sustainability movement.

The M.L.S. program is a customizable degree with eight possible focus areas (each focus area is four courses in a particular subject):

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With 300 combined years of experience, ASU’s Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law’s faculty members span from across the country and are nationally recognized for their wealth of knowledge. Additionally, the College of Law’s world- class faculty members provide comprehensive legal education around popular focus areas and address legal challenges on a global scale.

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Related Careers

Graduates with an ASU Online Master of Legal Studies in Law and Sustainability have career opportunities illustrated in the following list. Career examples include but are not limited to:

Example Careers

  • Environmental law assistant
  • Waste solutions strategist
  • Green buildings advisor
  • Sustainability regulatory compliance


U.S. educated applicants can apply through our FastApp process, which streamlines the application process and may allow for an offer of conditional admission to the MLS program while the applicant continues to submit any additional requested documentation. Possible outcomes from FastApp submission may include:

  • Conditional Admission
  • A request for supplementary documents
  • A request to complete the full MLS application with accompanying documents
  • Denial

For the FastApp application to be considered complete, it must include:

  • The complete MLS FastApp application form and the following uploaded documents:
  • An Unofficial Transcript from all undergraduate institutions attended
  • Resume that does not exceed three typed pages.

If a decision cannot be made from a FastApp, our Admissions team may request additional information from an applicant, including any or all of the following:

  • Writing sample
  • Explanations to affirmative answers to any conduct questions
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts from all institutions attended, including the transcript showing a bachelor's degree was conferred

Required Admissions Materials

***Students are strongly encouraged to first submit the MLS Fast App. This allows students to submit a much shorter application and the unit will ask for more information or materials as needed. The information below contains guidelines for items students might be asked to submit after completing the Fast App. More information about the Fast App can be found here:

Other Admissions Materials

  • Does the application require letters of recommendation?: Maybe – upon request from the Admissions Committee
  • Is a personal statement required? If so, what are the parameters?: Maybe, a statement of interest may be requested by the Admissions Committee
  • Writing Sample – A writing sample may be requested by the Admissions Committee
  • A document, a personal, academic, or professional writing or report, produced by you (academic or professional paper is preferred)
  • no less than 2 pages, no more than 10 pages; double-spaced; 12 point font
  • The writing sample is different from the personal statement.
  • The name of the uploaded file must contain the word Writing Sample
  • When possible, it is preferred the student submits a sample that cites to other sources

*Foreign educated applicants must submit a Full Application. Please see special instructions for foreign educated applicants:

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