Three benefits of getting a language degree

June 02, 2021 · 2 min read · By Selene Gonzalez
Brand ambassador Selene uses her experience as a Spanish major to share some of the benefits that come with majoring in a language at ASU Online.

As a world language student, I’ve often thought about the benefits of studying a language for my bachelor’s degree. The truth is that many people tend to see the disadvantages of my choice and not the benefits.

Let’s look at three benefits of studying a language:

1. Job marketability

Employers desire candidates with a varied skill set. Knowing another language gives you the spoken and cultural understanding that other candidates may not have. This is why I chose to study Spanish as my major, while preparing to apply to a Master of Public Health program after graduation. I know that having a cultural perspective will aid me in my future programs and in my professional life in healthcare. Walking into a healthcare setting with cultural competencies will ease my patients’ worries and help me form a special connection right away. In addition, many companies increase their salary options for bilingual workers. Better pay is never a bad thing!


2. Unique job skills

Like I said before, mastering two or more languages can give you a better understanding of another culture. But how can that help you in being successful at your job? Language skills not only get your foot in the door for a job but they can also keep that door open. Many employers realize that bilingual workers have the upper hand when it comes to understanding a foreign business's expectations, which they can prepare for and deliver. 


3. Keeping your brain on its toes

Apart from being a more marketable job candidate, practicing Spanish on a regular basis also keeps my cognitive abilities on high alert. Studies have shown this can be helpful in preventing age-related cognitive impairments, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Learning or studying a language will essentially keep your brain in workout mode and has been proven to give bilinguals an advantage in problem solving.

ASU Online student Selene Gonzalez poses in her graduation cap.
ASU Online student and Brand Ambassador Selene Gonzalez.

Thanks to the curriculum at ASU Online, I have been able to improve on my native language skills and have gained a basic understanding of Portuguese. Overall, I have learned about the ways of life and experiences of people in other cultures, which gives me a broader understanding of the world.

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About the author

Selene Gonzalez is a brand ambassador and student in the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish online program.

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