Sun Devil Spotlight: Yvonne Membrila

September 13, 2022 · 2 min read · By ASU Online
ASU Online alumna Yvonne Membrila talks about why she chose ASU for her Master of Healthcare Innovation and her path to success as a nontraditional student.

Yvonne Membrila balances a variety of roles. In addition to caring for her family, she works as a clinical manager for a nurse case management program. After earning a Bachelor of Science in nursing from Arizona State University in 2010, Membrila knew she wanted to pursue further studies. She also realized that another on-campus degree program didn’t fit her current lifestyle, so she researched online options.

When looking for master’s programs, Membrila had two outcomes in mind: make a positive impact on her workplace and gain skills to improve her future work opportunities. After discovering the Master of Healthcare Innovation, offered 100% online, she knew it was the perfect fit.

“I chose the innovation program because the health care industry is changing all the time. I knew I needed to have that innovative health care degree to be marketable. I wanted to push my own program forward and increase my future prospects,” explained Membrila.

For Membrila, flexibility in completing courses was critical. As a mom, she prioritized being present for her family. Pursuing the master’s in healthcare innovation online allowed Membrila to bring her assignments on the go. She remembered recording an assignment in a hotel bathroom while traveling for her children’s hockey tournament. Admitting it was a comical visual, she reflected on her gratitude for being able to complete her courses from anywhere.

“And so I was sitting in the hotel bathroom with my phone recording my speech, and then was able to submit it. It was great because I didn't have to skip it. I wasn't late. Everything was on time. I got a good laugh out of it when I was sitting in the bathroom filming myself,” said Membrila.

Membrila also appreciated how applicable her courses were to her everyday life. She enjoyed being able to learn a concept in class and use it at her job the very next day. She also liked learning from her peers. Her classmates studied in different locations around the globe and worked in fields across health care. She was fascinated by their experiences and gained new perspectives on the current and future states of the field.

“You come out of it not only as a master's prepared student, but also with a whole different worldview. So you have more connections, networking opportunities and a greater degree for advancement in your career,” said Membrila.

Now, with her diploma in hand, Membrila reflected on her path to this achievement. She took time in her life to explore her interests, get married, raise a family and become a nurse. Then, when she was ready, she pursued and earned her Master of Healthcare Innovation.

“When I got that degree, it came in the mail.  I was so excited. It was the best feeling because I was like, ‘I did it. I earned every part of this.’ And it was incredibly rewarding,” explained Membrila.

Interested in learning more about ASU Online's health care innovation courses? Visit the ASU Online YouTube channel to watch these videos highlighting several of the course’s programs.

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