Sun Devil Spotlight: Sierra Boosinger

September 27, 2022 · 2 min read · By ASU Online
Recent Arizona State University graduate Sierra Boosinger discusses her academic journey as a transfer student and how she plans to use her Bachelor of Science in software engineering to create technical solutions that make a difference in the world.

Sierra Boosinger always knew she wanted to work in software engineering.

After completing her associate degree, getting married and purchasing a home, Boosinger decided she was ready to return to school and complete her bachelor’s degree. However, she soon found that the local software engineering programs didn’t check the boxes of what she was looking for in higher education.

Upon expanding her search, Boosinger found Arizona State University and was pleased to learn that, at the time, they offered the only ABET-accredited online software engineering program. At that moment, she knew she wanted to pursue ASU Online’s software engineering degree.

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Sun Devil Spotlight: Sierra Boosinger

While Boosinger was passionate about software engineering, she was nervous about the coursework.

“Specifically, getting into the school of engineering was kind of a big deal for me,” Boosinger explained. “I struggled with math when I was in high school. I loved science, but math was a big struggle. Knowing that I was going to have to take all of the engineering and math courses, I felt like maybe I shouldn't do this. Maybe it isn't right for me.”

Boosinger also had hesitations about joining an online program as a transfer student. She struggled with believing in herself and her ability to finish her degree. “I wasn't a traditional student because I was a transfer, but I also wasn't the normal age of a student,” Boosinger said.

However, with perseverance, a true passion for software engineering and a leap of faith, Boosinger enrolled in ASU Online’s software engineering program and, soon after, discovered she was not alone in these feelings of doubt.

“I quickly found out that most of the online students are transfer students and students coming back for a second degree,” Boosinger said. “It was actually really nice to find my community of people who were also coming back after being away for so long.”

This community of like minded students also provided Boosinger with academic support and teamwork. “In my first year, I connected with other students I saw on a course discussion board,” Boosinger explained. “I would not be where I am without getting connected and having other students by my side, while we all grappled with the program content. I am a better student and software engineer because of my peers and professors.”

In addition to the support she received from her peers and professors, Boosinger attributes her seamless transition into the program to her academic advisor. “The transition into ASU was really easy. My advisor was absolutely amazing and was very clear on what credits transferred in, what didn't transfer in, what I was going to have to take,” she said.

The digitally-collaborative structure of Boosinger’s academic experience gave her the flexibility needed to make new life experiences. With access to other students, experienced faculty and academic advisors from anywhere in the world, Boosiniger was able to travel the U.S. while pursuing a degree she’s passionate about.

Now that Boosinger graduated, she plans to work for a software company focused on creating solutions for real world problems.

“I really want to work for a company that is trying to make an actual impact in lives, whether it's helping the police force track down child abuse content or climate change software. There's a ton of software that you can develop that actually has a direct world impact, and that's my goal,” Boosinger said.

As she moves on to the next chapter in her life, Boosinger accredits the support she had and coursework she took in the Bachelor of Science in software engineering program to her growth in problem solving, time management and overall perseverance to succeed. “I know that I am going to be able to accomplish great things with the tools this program has given me,” she said.

Boosinger demonstrates that while new experiences can be intimidating, setting your fears aside and taking the leap of faith to pursue your dreams is worth the risk.

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