Sun Devil Spotlight: Melody Trujilo

October 04, 2022 · 2 min read · By ASU Online
Melody Trujilo, Arizona State University alumna and mother of three, talks about her experience earning her Bachelor of Science in biological sciences degree online.

When Melody Trujilo decided to earn her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, the busy mother of three knew she needed a flexible option.

“I chose Arizona State University because it was convenient for me,” said Trujilo. “I don't really have time to get up, get dressed, come to campus and do school work. So the online option was the best fit for me and my life. ASU Online allowed me to pursue my degree and still be present with my children.”

Having grown up in Arizona, Trujillo had always heard positive things about ASU and was impressed by the variety of online programs offered.

“There are so many degree options to choose from at ASU Online. There are a range of classes to choose from that fulfill degree requirements and better tailor to students’ personal goals and interests. The students get to decide their schedule and how they pursue their degree,” explained Trujilo.

After deciding to attend ASU Online and pursue her Bachelor of Science in biological sciences degree, the rest fell into place.

Now, an ASU Online graduate, Trujilo hopes to make an impact in medical research. “I want to hopefully find some life saving medications or procedures that could definitely make an impact in the medical field,” explained Trujilo.

Trujilo credits her husband, children and extended family with supporting and motivating her while earning her degree.

“My biggest motivator has definitely been my family. Just knowing that one day I could provide a better future for them,” Trujillo said. “My husband, he's always been there to support me, no matter what it was: allowing me to stop working so I can focus full time on school, taking care of the kids when I had schoolwork to get done.”

As Trujilo reflects on her undergraduate experience, she is proud of how her achievement helped her grow as a person and a mother. “[It’s taught me] that I am a hard worker, that I can stick to my goals. I can accomplish my goals and my dreams,” said Trujillo. “It's taught me that I can inspire my children to get a higher education, that they can do it."

Ultimately, Trujillo feels she earned more from her time at ASU Online than just her bachelor’s degree. "Getting my degree taught me that I can do a lot more than I thought. I can overcome a lot of things.”

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