Mental health tips and counseling services for ASU Online students

December 21, 2021 · 3 min read · By ASU Online
ASU Online offers a range of mental health and counseling services to our students. Read on for our mental health tips for college students and to learn more about the services offered.

At Arizona State University, your wellbeing is a top priority. The academic year can present its challenges, but finding the support you need should never be one of them. As an ASU Online student, you have access to the same exceptional resources as on-campus students, including a 24-hour call center, live chat and in-person and virtual counseling.


Mental health tips for college students

Your mental and physical health factor into your success as a college student. Not only does stress have negative consequences on your school work, but it can also lead to serious health and social issues. 

Paul Fleming is president of Student Assistance Programs & Training Services, the mental health services company ASU Online works with to offer care to students. He offers these tips for staying on top of your mental health throughout the academic year:

  • Create a list of realistic priorities for your work, school and personal life. 
    • First, the top of your list should be the priorities that most affect your daily and immediate life. What has to be done now? Consider what you need, from yourself or others, to complete the now priorities.  
    • Next, schedule the commitments that aren’t as urgent as the now priorities but still regularly need your attention. 
    • Lastly, consider if there are commitments you’ve had that can come off your priorities list completely to allow for more time for the top priorities. 
  • Regularly, and realistically, assess your goals and be ready to change your priorities to accommodate changing situations.
  • While it can be comforting to talk with someone facing similar challenges, they ultimately are not the best resource for solving what confronts you. Seek advice from objective resources such as your success coach.
  • Accept that asking for help is what we all must do in our lives. Asking for help, even if you don’t follow it, allows you to better evaluate the problems in front of you.


What counseling services are available to ASU Online students?

ASU Online students have access to 360 Life Services, a support program that offers students free counseling services regarding legal, educational, financial or personal matters, both virtually and in person.

360 Life Services was developed to provide students with mental health and personal support services that will assist them in their education, personal life and career. Having a broad range of care in one program ensures that students have resources for most of the issues causing challenges in their lives.

“The 360 Life Services program counselors and staff have no other purpose than to help you objectively, with the goal of teaching you methods of dealing with many of the core issues you face,” said Fleming.

  • Counseling services refers to help with concerns related to anxiety, depression, grief and loss, crisis, marital, partner and family issues, personal conflicts and more.  

    The program offers each student up to three free sessions for each presenting problem each calendar year. For example: A student may receive three free sessions related to anxiety and, later, three free sessions relating to a marital issue.

    Issues requiring more intensive care are coordinated by the program with the student’s insurance company or available community resources.
  • Personal care refers to an extensive range of support for which many students may not have access such as legal, personal financial management, assistance with ID theft recovery, child- and elder-care providers, discount shopping and more professional, supportive resources. Personal care is a free, unlimited service.

Take advantage of the resources available to you. Schedule an appointment with a counselor, get access to immediate service over the phone or engage in a live chat with a 360 Life Services counselor.

I called 360 Life Services at a time when I felt desperate and the crisis counselor talked me through it and helped set up a personal appointment.

ASU Online student

How do ASU Online students access counseling and mental health services?

ASU Online students can access free counseling and mental health services around the clock. 

To connect with a counseling and mental health provider, visit ASU Online 360 Life Services and schedule an appointment.

For immediate live assistance, please call 833-223-9883. 


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