It’s the most wonderful time of the year to give back as an ASU Volunteer

December 13, 2019 · 3 min read · By ASU Online
The ASU volunteer Time to Give Back challenge is bringing students together to give back to their local communities. Learn how you can participate by visiting ASU Online on Instagram. 

Give back: Serve your community this holiday

The ASU volunteer Time to Give Back challenge is bringing students together to give back to their local communities during the holiday season. Learn how you can participate by visiting @ASUOnline on Instagram.

It’s never too late to start making a change. Every year from the minute jack-o’-lanterns are put away, the masses begin the formal debate over when it’s appropriate to start celebrating the holidays. While opposing parties can never seem to agree on when to hit play on holiday tunes, they can all agree on one thing: that it’s always the perfect season for helping others. As an ASU volunteer, you can join the cause.

ASU instills the roots for social change in every one of its students. Year-round, students are driven to give back by the school’s charter-led commitment to service. This holiday season, students far and wide are paying it forward by celebrating the holiday season in a purpose-driven way with ASU’s Time to Give Back challenge. Now through December 20th, our ASU Online student Brand Ambassadors from across the country are leading the charge and getting into the holiday spirit by giving back to their local communities through completing ASU’s give back challenges. ASU Online students can take part in the challenge too by donating clothing and volunteering at local shelters, to turning donating into a fun project for the entire family.

ASU is dedicated to making a positive and significant impact in the communities it serves by starting in its own backyard – with its students. By nurturing an environment of collaboration and transformation, students across the country feel compelled to get involved. This years’ Time to Give Back challenge is one of the many ways ASU is putting its commitment in action.

ASU students are already kicking off the season on a high note! Online student, Jessie Phillips (@anothersoccermom), is ahead of the curve completing three giving challenges to date. With the help of Girl Scout Troup 2652, this rockstar team has been busy donating over 25 bags of clothes to their local Goodwill and honoring those who have served in our armed forces. To top off their contributions to the ASU Time to Give Back Campaign, they also helped to support a yearly Thanksgiving tradition. In collaboration with the Avondale AZ Police Explorers, Southwest Family Advocacy Center, and Avondale Petsmart, the team collected 110 turkeys for families in need and inhabitants of the Avondale Senior Center.

ASU’s Brand Ambassadors are also in the mix! From the moment ASU Student Brand Ambassador Miranda Gaona enrolled in her first online class, Miranda felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude and inspiration to positively contribute to her community in a unique way. This holiday season, she’s also joined the Time to Give Back challenge by donating clothing items and sharing her accomplishments on Instagram!

Feeling inspired to become an ASU volunteer? Here’s your chance to make a difference and help inspire others! ASU is challenging YOU to get involved; positively impact your community this holiday season by completing the Time to Give Back challenge. Start by tackling our give back checklist and share a photo each time you complete an item – showcase your experience on social media using #ASUOnline and #ASUGivesBack on your posts. Complete four items by 12/20, and you can also score some ASU swag! Join us in being the change — it’s a perfect time to give back.


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