Graduation party planning to dos

By Alicia Maudilee Gillum, Brand Ambassador from Phoenix, AZ. Online Master of Healthcare Innovation alumni.

Online master's graduate, Alicia Maudilee smiles holding a bouquet of flowers in a selfie with another woman.By Alicia Maudilee Gillum, ASU Online Master of Healthcare Innovation student and ASU Online brand ambassador

December is a season of exciting times. The holidays kick in and everyone’s ready for quality time spent with loved ones. For many, the holidays help end the year with cheer. Graduation is one of the main events for students, and it adds even more happiness to this time of the year, bringing family and friends together to proudly watch their loved ones walk across the stage.

To ensure the graduate gets the recognition he/she deserves, it is best to start planning the celebrations early.

Here are some party tips to avoid getting overwhelmed while easily creating the perfect day:

  1. Secure a spot: There are plenty of restaurants, banquet halls and event spaces. Don’t forget about the options of having it at the house or a backyard BBQ.
  2. Menu: Finger foods are always a party favorite. Many parties have people coming and going. This is an easy way to make sure everyone gets a bite. Don’t forget the cake.
  3. Guest list: This is a very important moment and many people will want to come support you. Write down a list of the names of those who you want to come. Think of close family and friends; those who may have made an impact on your life. The guest list gives you an idea of how many people will attend your party, which will then help you create a budget. Social media allows you to reach a large network of acquaintances. Try Evite to send out a mass invite. You can also always get creative with the traditional invites by creating personalized cards with your picture and school colors.
  4. Entertainment: Music is always a crowd pleaser. DJs and local musicians can be affordable since graduation parties tend to only be a few hours. Slideshow presentations add a special touch. Pick some of your favorite songs to stream along with your most memorable college pictures.
  5. Decorations: Show your school spirit by using your school’s colors as part of the theme. Balloons and streamers help to make those colors stand out. No matter what you decide on for decorations, be sure to keep the focus on yourself (or whoever’s big day it is).

Bonus to-do for the graduate: make a plan of action. Now that school is over ,plan on focusing on new goals. I’m taking some time off to travel and enjoy time with close friends. There are many places that I have never been and many experiences that I have never had. My main goal is to take my time and find the direction in which I want to apply my degree.

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