Feeling the sunshine

March 28, 2017 · 2 min read · By ASU Online
You may have several motivations or reasons behind furthering your education. William “Troy” Auzenne explains his post-secondary education journey as well as his experiences at ASU Online. We hope this article will inspire you to feel the sunshine of being a Sun Devil at Arizona State University.

There are many reasons to further your education. Some of us are looking to broaden our current skill set or to delve into completely new territory. Perhaps a new opportunity has come up at work, or you’re seeking a total career change. Equally important among all these reasons are our motivations — the “whys” behind the decision to enroll that enable you to keep going when the going gets tough.

For William “Troy” Auzenne, home is where the inspiration is. “Family is always the motivator,” Troy says.

“You always want to have your kids look at you and see that you’re driven, and hope they follow the same path.”

Troy began his post-secondary education at Baldwin Wallace University in Ohio. But as a part-time student with a full-time job, he soon found it difficult to keep up with his coursework. “I would start and stop, take a semester off, and before I knew it, five or six years had gone by and I was only a sophomore,” he explains.

“I was running a business, and the first thing I was willing to put aside was part-time education.”

It wasn’t until he discovered ASU Online that Troy felt he could successfully balance work, school and family. “It’s a very professional program,” he says.

“You have a success coach who keeps you on track, and it’s easy to get questions answered. At ASU, there are so many outlets to contact people when you need help, and even the financial aid is a smoother process.”

The transition from on-campus to online was not without challenges, however: “Some people assume it’s easier than being in a classroom, but I found it more difficult. You have to be disciplined; each class has different due dates, and although you have the freedom to do your work when you have the availability, you have to be more organized to ensure it gets done.”

As a public service and public policy major, Troy’s studies have differed greatly from his day-to-day work as a facilities manager and owner of a facilities management consulting company. “I’ve been learning about how elections are run and how offices of government are managed,” he says.

"It makes me want to change my future plans to be a city manager or director of safety. The program has really made me step up my career goals.”

Despite residing in Cleveland, Ohio, Troy says he can “feel the sunshine” from Arizona and has fully embraced the Sun Devil lifestyle. Having attended local community colleges and universities, he firmly believes ASU Online is the place for self-starters, leaders and motivators. “You’re on your own time to learn and read,” he says.

“The flexibility that online gives you is geared toward leaders. It forces you to think outside of the box. At the same time, there is always someone to talk to when you have questions, whether course-related or otherwise. I highly recommend ASU for a working adult with a family; it’s been nothing but a positive experience.”

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