Father’s Day spotlight: ASU Online dads making a difference

June 12, 2019 · 3 min read · By ASU Online
This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating all the rockstar dads who are pursuing their professional and educational goals, while prioritizing their families.

Two recent ASU grad dads Russell McCauley and Drew McDowell share how they used their experience at ASU to set a good example for their children about what is possible when you’re dedicated, determined and supported by family. These two dads are not only making a lasting impact on their families, but they both look to positively impact the lives of children through medicine and reform.

Russell McCauley uses fatherhood as motivation for school

Russell McCauley, a Mesa, Arizona resident graduated in May 2019 from Arizona State University with his BA in Business is now pursuing a doctorate in pharmacy.

What motivates and inspires you as you actively juggle parenting and online learning?

McCauley: I am motivated by the example that I was able to be for my son. My son watches everything I do and I wanted him to not only know that education is extremely important, but that it is something to enjoy. I also wanted him to witness the rewards that come as the result of hard work and how satisfying that can be.

How has being a father impacted your student life (and vice versa)?

McCauley: Being a father helped me to find a level of motivation and focus that I never knew I had inside me. I want my son to know that he can accomplish whatever he wants, and I can show him firsthand that it is possible. On the flip side, being a student helped me to become a more patient father and to be a better teacher and leader to my son.

What are your aspirations post-graduation?

McCauley: My aspirations post-graduation are to become a Pediatric Oncology Clinical Pharmacist.  I am beginning the Midwestern University College of Pharmacy on June 3rd.

Online grad Drew McDowell says patience is key

Drew McDowell of Phoenix, Arizona recently earned his BS in Sociology and is continuing his advanced education in the Master of Art in Sociology degree program at ASU while working as the supervisor of operations at CareCentrix, a management company for home health services.

What is the biggest parenting lesson you’ve learned while earning your degree online?

McDowell: The biggest lesson learned was actually a reminder: Be patient, this is the first time these kids are learning this, all the same that I am learning information for the first time.

What advice do you have for other parents who are thinking about pursuing their degree online?

McDowell: Do not go into it alone. Use your support network (family, friends, partner). Build a network of people and include those who think differently in that network. Really, truly, give yourself a chance to succeed.

What are your aspirations post-graduation?

McDowell: I graduated in December with my BS in Sociology and have since returned as a graduate student to earn my MA in Sociology. I would love to work with elected officials to influence changes to end the perpetuation of childhood hunger and poverty.

ASU Online supports dads

ASU Online has made it possible for dads like Russell and Drew to earn a degree while raising a family and pursuing their passions. These ASU grads are a great example of fathers who are leaders and role models to their families, showing their kids that they can pursue an education at any age.


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