Delivering sustainability: Master of Sustainability Leadership Q&A

April 30, 2018 · 3 min read · By ASU Online

Benjamin Fogg is a graduate of ASU Online’s Master of Sustainability Leadership program. Recently, we discussed his experience with ASU, his role as Sustainability Specialist at FedEx Ground in Pittsburgh, and how the two intertwined through his capstone project on bringing the concept of a circular economy to the logistics company.


Tell us about the path that lead you to ASU Online.

After finishing up my undergraduate education in Alabama, I started working for FedEx Ground. I’ve always had an interest in sustainability, and began looking into some basic sustainability projects where I could bring ideas to the table with the company. I was debating whether I should pursue an MBA or some other further study when I came across ASU’s Online Master of Sustainability Leadership program. I really liked that the School of Sustainability was the first of its kind, with a lot of innovation occurring there in general. Then there was the leadership aspect of the MSL program, which I feel is an important part because it is such a relatively new field. People need the skills and knowhow to convey the messaging and data. ASU’s program seemed like it had all of that paired with the broader, global context. Since FedEx Corp. operates all over the world, it felt like the perfect fit for my career.

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