Coaching is key: Justice studies

November 20, 2017 · 2 min read · By ASU Online

Wilson Peng’s journey to ASU Online had a lot of twists and turns. Starting at a local California community college, his focus areas ran the gamut from nursing to business. He then transferred to a California state school, started at ASU, transferred to another (online) school in Arizona, then came back to ASU Online with a focus in justice studies.


He attributes having the support of a Success Coach to his return to ASU, as well as his recent scholarship award. “When I left ASU, I really missed the check-ins with my Success Coach. I had a problem with one of the professors and didn’t know who I should turn to.” Says Wilson. With his return to ASU and a new Success Coach, he felt an instant connection. “We clicked. I am able to share personal experiences and stories and work to resolve issues. We talk weekly, about everything, no topics are off limits.”

When Wilson received an email about the Asian American Student Scholarship he decided he would apply. Without ASU on-campus extracurriculars, Wilson thought creatively to answer the prompts, drawing from volunteer work, jobs and previous schools he attended. He flew to Arizona to hand-deliver his application submission and explore the Tempe and Downtown campus. Wilson made a point to meet his Success Coach for an in-person coaching session.

“When I came the first time, it was completely different from what I expected, campus immediately felt like home. The criminal justice program was putting on a presentation about jobs in border patrol so I went to the downtown campus to attend.”

A few weeks later, Wilson received an email notification that he was the scholarship recipient. He started planning his next trip to ASU, this time, to accept the award. His trip included meeting faculty and other scholarship winners (he was the only online student), a formal award ceremony and speeches from graduates of the justice studies program.

“Thanks to this scholarship, I can worry way less about financing my education for the next year.” Of course, his trip would not be complete without a visit with his Success Coach. They met for coffee before his scholarship activities began, and spent time recounting the development of their relationship and how close they have become.

Be creative! Be innovative! Don’t be afraid to try new things. Be sure to build relationships with your professors and coach.

Wilson Peng

ASU Online criminal justice student

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