OBSA: A business club for ASU Online learners

May 24, 2022 · 2 min read · By ASU Online

As an online student, one of the best ways to connect with your peers is by joining clubs. This is exactly what the founders of OBSA had in mind when they created a community for online business students at Arizona State University.


What is the W. P. Carey Online Business Student Association?

Networking, professional development and friendship, these were the hopes of ASU Online students Rachel Pruitt and Emiko Bankson when they created the W. P. Carey Online Business Student Association (OBSA) in 2017. Now graduated, they successfully established a long-lasting business club that continues to create opportunities for online learners.

Today, with 102 members and growing, OBSA remains focused on its original purpose to connect online business to the ASU community and create opportunities for future business leaders. The online club offers events for members that include networking opportunities and workshops to build professional skills.


An interview with OBSA leadership

We caught up with Jennifer Stanick, OBSA president, and Mariana Amadou, vice president of marketing, to discuss how OBSA serves ASU Online business students.

Question: What’s the purpose of OBSA?

Answer: The purpose of OBSA is to connect high achieving online students with the greater ASU business community. We hope to enhance the ASU experience for all members, as well as benefit their paths to becoming business professionals. OBSA provides academic, networking and social resources for W. P. Carey students 100% online.

Q: What type of activities does OBSA create for its members?

A: OBSA offers two primary types of events: networking events with guest speakers and professional development opportunities that build core business skills.

At these events, members can network directly with business professionals, and hear them speak about their industries and companies. These business speakers often show support for OBSA members by welcoming an invitation to connect with them on LinkedIn, answering questions and offering career advice.

We also hold workshops to help our members learn new business skills. Workshops held in the past range from building your LinkedIn profile and networking to creating and improving your resume.

Q: What’s next for the online business club?

A: OBSA continues to grow. Now is a perfect time to join because we have club leadership positions available. Taking on these roles can help you acquire greater business knowledge, explore tools and improve your networking skills. Our available positions include vice president of events, finances and technology.

We plan to add more events and focus on providing resources to all online business students, especially given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Q: How can online students join OBSA?

A: Interested online students can fill out our registration form. Once we receive your submission, we’ll guide you through the next steps. If you have any questions, you can also connect with our leadership through the OBSA Sun Devil® Sync page.


Find the right club for you at ASU Online

Online clubs can bring a new dimension to your ASU Online experience. They provide the opportunity to connect with peers who have similar interests, passions and majors. You never know, you could also make lifelong friends.

Not interested in a business club, but want to get involved in the ASU community? There are more than 35 available online clubs that range from health and wellness to STEM. Browse and join clubs through Sun Devil® Sync or create your own organization. You can also create a new club by scheduling a virtual appointment with our online student engagement team.


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