Active military member studies at full depth

Pursuing a degree as an active military member comes with many challenges. For ASU Online student Johnnie Welborne, challenges can include getting an internet connection in the middle of the ocean, at full depth, for 90 days.

Submarine communications chief Johnnie Welborne, said that it’s all about managing the workload, and figuring out what schedule works best for his classes. Welborne is currently pursuing his online Bachelor of Science in psychology through the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.

Being an active military member has definitely presented him with a few challenges. While on deployment, Welborne had to set up his own antenna in order to get reception and complete an assignment.

“Having an antenna up in the air using an internet connection to a satellite from a circuit I actually had to build just to get my homework done, was probably one of the cooler things that I had to do,” said Welborne.

However, Welborne credits ASU Online with still being the most convenient way to take classes. ‘“They have a really good balance with challenging you with the course load and also making it effective,” he said. “I think they do a good job of finding that balance, making it challenging, and then the teachers are also willing to work with you.”

Recently he was awarded an advanced education voucher from the Navy, due to his academic success at Arizona State University. After graduation, Welborne has plans to continue with ASU Online, and eventually pursue his master’s degree in psychology.

“Arizona State to me is a first class school,” said Welborne. “I think that this is by far the choice for any student that is trying to finish their degree while active military.”

Join our other active and veteran military members and start pursuing a degree today. Learn more about our bachelors of science in psychology degree online.

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