10 minutes with George Basile

June 12, 2017 · 1 min read · By ASU Online
The field of sustainability not only continues to influence the world around us but will only further grow in the future. The School of Sustainability’s Professor George Basile, part of Arizona State University, has become a pioneer of the sustainability profession. 

Professor George Basile discusses experience with ASU’s School of Sustainability

During an interview with ASU’s Bob Langart, Basile had the opportunity to discuss how sustainability has progressed, and how he believes it will continue to evolve. Not long ago, little information was known about the topic. As Basile put it, “twenty years ago, I was shocked at how many gaps there were in sustainability knowledge, especially where key decisions were being made.” Because of the work from professionals like Basile, the profession is quickly gaining momentum. With his help, ASU’s School of Sustainability has graduated over 1,000 students, making an incredible leap for the profession.

Both new students and established business professionals alike are getting involved in courses offered by the School of Sustainability. Upon successful completion of a program within the school of sustainability, Basile says that the common theme students show is more empathy. “Interestingly…the common theme that popped into my head is empathy. The biggest revelations come when students begin to apply sustainability frameworks to themselves,” he describes. As sustainability continues to grow as an industry, Basile also understands the commitment to be successful. “Leading sustainability is more akin to learning a sport or musical instrument or a language. Yes, they have you build up the knowledge of the game, but then you have to practice it. It’s actually trying, failing, succeeding, improving that makes you proficient.” With continued work from professors like Basile, ASU’s School of Sustainability can continue to thrive.

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