Why to consider game-based online learning

July 27, 2016 · 1 min read · By ASU Online
Learn how game-based learning increases student engagement and is becoming an emerging trend in online higher education.

Game-based learning is an emerging trend in online higher education for good reason: game-based learning can increase student engagement by fostering enthusiasm for a topic and allowing students to gain a better understanding of course material in a fun, interactive way.

Additionally, game-based learning gives students a custom learning experience. Students are afforded the opportunity to make mistakes, correct those mistakes and revisit class content.

Because game-based learning draws connections between coursework and real-life, students are able to develop better critical thinking skills and thought processes around course concepts.

One of the games used in an introductory class at ASU Online is Spent. This game gives students $1,000 with which they must find a job, create a budget, pay bills and make real-time decisions.

Read more about the benefits of online game-based learning at USnews.com.


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