5 ways to create a winning presentation

February 07, 2020 · 3 min read · By Alicia Gillum

ASU Online brand ambassador and health and wellness consultant Alicia shares tips on how she prepares a winning presentation.



What you may not realize is that being prepared is about how you prepare. So, take time to rehearse what you plan to cover. The key is the more you rehearse, the easier your presentation will feel. I love to deliver my presentation to myself in front of the mirror. Once I feel comfortable, I will Skype a friend or family member and present to them as well. Whether it’s a small group of your friends, co-workers or family, the action of giving your presentation allows you to see their reactions and get immediate and/or real-time feedback.

Transform Nervous Energy into Enthusiasm

Energy is key, so remember to always be in the right state of mind when presenting. I love to bring high energy and get the recipients involved when I present. Be happy and smile. The key is how to find the motivation, so you don't have to down an energy drink or blast music before going in. I simply think happy thoughts to get me going.

Take Deep Breaths

Staying calm is equally important because you can be too eager to present and possibly miss or lose your audience. Before I present, I take a few deep breaths to help keep me calm. The fresh air helps bring oxygen to my brain and relaxes my whole body. I found different breathing techniques through yoga that I use before I present.

The Power Stance

Body language is key, as an audience reacts off the way you look. If you’re slouching or leaning against something instead of standing tall with confidence, it may appear that you are not into the presentation. When practicing in front of the mirror, find proper poses that are best for you. Sometimes I record myself then play the video back so I can see how the audience views me. It’s not so much about perfecting your pose, although that is important, as it is about showing your personality through your stance.


When I smile in my presentations, it helps reduce any anxiety I may feel and helps keep me calm throughout my presentation. It presents a level of confidence to the crowd. The key is to have fun and be authentic with the right level of emotional awareness.


About the author

Alicia was a brand ambassador who graduated with a master's in healthcare innovation from ASU Online.

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