Thinking about getting your master’s degree

March 30, 2020 · 3 min read · By ASU Online

Thinking about getting your master’s degree? This Sun Devil shares his personal journey going back for round two and earning his online degree.


Should I get my master’s degree?

From a 180-degree switch in career fields to a simple passion for never-ending learning, the decision to continue your educational journey is a big one. More and more students are looking to online as the way to go when trying to figure out how to get their master’s degree. Whether it’s the flexibility of courses or increased just personal preference to get a degree from your doorstep, online learning continues to grow in popularity.

ASU Online helps make the choice easy by helping students not only pursue their passion, but feel like a true Sun Devil, in the process. One ASU Online graduate shares his personal experience going back. Read more to find out why he was inspired to follow his passion.

A second act

Mario Rotunna decided on Round Two when assessing whether his undergraduate degree was going to get him where he wanted to be - both personally and professionally. With this itch for more and an urge to continue down the road of higher education, Mario’s decision about getting his master’s degree felt like a second act – one where pursuing his passion was the guiding star. With the support of his wife and daughter, Mario enrolled in ASU’s Master of Arts in History degree program online and never looked back.

ASU Online opened the doors for Mario to begin his labor of love, jumping into a brand-new field of study in pursuit of his secondary degree. When reminiscing on this he said, “My experience as an ASU Online master’s student was fantastic! I had the opportunity to meet some great students from all over the world. The professors, advisors…everyone at ASU, were unbelievably supportive and as long as you put in the effort, they were always there to assist and provide guidance.”

Finding the right fit

Finding the right school is an equally tough decision for students trying to reach their educational goals. When choosing an online program, Mario shared it was really the resources and flexibility that helped solidify his decision to go back - specifically, ASU’s personalized success coaches and the ability to mold his own course scheduling.

Mario’s want for the flexibility of an online program but the community of a program was filled through ASU Online; he felt fully immersed in his schooling experience in an online setting. “When I flew out to Tempe for graduation, it was surreal to finally be on campus. This was MY campus! This was MY Alma Mater! I was and am still very proud to be a Sun Devil.”

Why choose ASU when pursuing your master’s degree?

Don’t just listen to Mario’s advice -- if you are ready to get your master’s, set a goal and go for it. ASU will be with you every step of the way, from finding the right career path to graduating as a Sun Devil. ASU has more than 80 highly ranked online master’s degrees, doctorate programs and graduate certificates offered fully online, awarding graduate students the opportunity to advance their education by working with renowned faculty members. More than 90% of graduate students were employed or received at least one job offer within 90 days after graduation.

ASU prides itself in cultivating an environment for its students to thrive in any and all settings. Choosing to pursue a master’s degree takes initiative and commitment, but finally making that choice can introduce a whole new world of growth and opportunity in both professional and personal fronts. According to Mario, “what have you got to lose? If there is something that a student feels passionate about, then go for it!”


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