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Technology and time: important factors for ASU Online students

October 23, 2017 · 2 min read · By ASU Online
As an online Sun Devil, there are a few time and technology guidelines to keep in mind before starting classes.

Online technology guidelines

While you won’t have to factor in driving, parking or finding your classroom, building in time for your coursework is still hugely important. Online classes provide the flexibility of “attending” class at the time that is most convenient for you, but you should still plan a schedule for each class. Don’t forget that most ASU Online courses are 7.5 weeks, half the amount of a normal semester, so it’s even more important to stay on top of assignments.

You should plan for 18 hours per week for every 3 credits. Online courses are just as rigorous as in-person courses, so expect your coursework to be challenging but rewarding.

As far as technological requirements, review the list below to ensure you’re properly prepared:

Additional support

If you have technology issues, you can contact the ASU Tech Support team at 855-278-5080. Of course, your Success Coach is always standing by to help (844-691-2240) as well.

Good luck with your semester, we look forward to watching you succeed!


You should have at least two browsers on your computer. Any browser will work, though preferred browsers are Firefox and Chrome, which can be downloaded for free online.

Computer or laptop.

You will need a standard laptop or desktop computer to access your classes. A mobile device, tablet or netbook will not provide the access and functionality necessary for ASU Online courses. A webcam and headset (with microphone) may be required for some classes.

Google Drive.

ASU students have access to Google Drive (My Drive via My ASU), where you can create and share Google documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. You will also have access to additional software provided at no cost through My Apps at My ASU.


High-speed internet is needed as most ASU Online courses use multimedia tools that are best viewed with high-speed internet, so having the proper connection is essential.


Be sure to take time to explore My ASU. This will be critical for your success as a student.

Special software.

In general, course access and assignments do not require special software, however certain degrees may require specific software programs (your instructors will notify you if this is the case).


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