Sustainable engineering for global impact

August 20, 2019 · 2 min read · By ASU Online
Sustainable engineers combine technology, ethics, business and earth systems to improve the human condition.

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Constructing a sustainable society is no easy task. In recent years, sustainable engineering has been focused on enabling long-lasting improvement of the human condition.


What is sustainable engineering

Sustainable engineering, similar to environmental engineering, transcends traditional engineering by taking into account other complex factors within society. Sustainable engineers not only tackle green building infrastructure and policies, they also address industrial ecology, environmental technology, energy systems, transportation systems and water systems. Sustainable engineers fill positions in biochemical, environmental, architectural, energy and systems engineering fields to address emergent global and local issues. Now, more than ever, it’s important to prepare students for a multidisciplinary profession.


How to become a sustainable engineer

The Master of Science in sustainable engineering online is ideal for professionals and graduates who have backgrounds in engineering and physical science. This master’s degree can help students who want to advance in their current career or incorporate sustainable engineering solutions and practices into their work.

One unique feature of the program is that students are exposed to sustainable engineering case studies such as the redesign of the Panama Canal, which is key to educating them with a cross-disciplinary approach.

“A degree in sustainable engineering helps educate practitioners on how to solve problems, not just create cookie-cutter designs,” says ASU President’s Professor Brad Allenby, who authored the first textbook in sustainable engineering and teaches courses in the online program, “and thus makes them more useful as professionals, and more employable.”

Ethical questions surrounding emerging technologies within all fields of engineering pose a challenge for the field, and students must be more prepared than ever before to deal with these challenges.


Sustainable engineering leaders and mentors

The faculty who teach this program are research leaders in their field or have previously worked in the industry.

T. Agami Reddy, SRP Professor of Energy and Environment with joint appointments in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment and The Design School.

Mikhail Chester, an associate professor of civil, environmental and sustainable engineering and senior sustainability scientist also teaches in the program.

Matthew Fraser, a professor of civil, environmental and sustainable engineering and senior sustainability scientist, is also a co-director of ASU’s newly launched HUE initiative.

“HUE is seeking to develop, test and deploy novel technologies to help mitigate urban heat and air quality,” Fraser says. “We seek to partner with local governments and companies to see the innovative solutions developed at ASU to help mitigate urban heat and air quality — two of the most pressing concerns in urban Maricopa County.”

From local challenges to global challenges, learning the current strategies in sustainable engineering is the key to a bright future for society.

Learn more about the Master of Science in sustainable engineering online.


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