Skills online learners can leverage in a job interview

February 11, 2019 · 3 min read · By ASU Online
Preparing for a job interview? Online students have skills they can leverage while competing for jobs in today's market.

Let’s face it. Job interviews can be incredibly stressful. However, as any student studying through an online modality will tell you, it takes a great deal of drive, juggling and determination to complete a degree online. It’s certainly not easier or faster. Leveraging the traits you acquired as an online student can actually help you differentiate yourself and stand out among the competition.

Here are three qualities of an online student that can give you a competitive edge as a job applicant:


1. Online students learn to cultivate their organizational skills.
In 2015, job market analytics company Burning Glass Technologies analyzed millions of job postings across the United States and identified the essential, non-specialized skills that are sought after by employers across industries. The report[1] found that organizational skills are in demand across nearly every occupation. Pursuing a degree online places students in a unique position, giving them ownership over their education and challenging them to become more disciplined self-starters in soft skills areas.

Remote learning empowers students to make their education work for their lifestyles and interests and gives them the flexibility to craft schedules that fits their goals.

For online students, organization is simply a way of life. Organization is imperative to an online student’s success and focusing on that maturity and motivation during the interview process demonstrates you’ll be an invaluable addition to the team.


2. Online students are skilled multitaskers.
With 62 percent of students working either full- or part-time and 28 percent having at least one dependent according to a recent study from the National Center for Education Statistics[2], online students juggle multiple assignments, courses, appointments, work projects and deadlines daily.

This balancing act ensures that by graduation, online students are masters of multitasking in addition to efficient and effective communication. Online students are proficient in time management, prioritization and critical thinking - all skills that are attractive and in demand to potential employers.


3. Online students thrive in our increasingly digital landscape.
In an increasingly technical workplace, employers expect job applicants to be proficient in a range of digital capacities. With two-thirds of all online job postings in occupations in which employees are expected to possess digital skills, digital prowess is no longer simply beneficial during the job interview - it is a necessity.

Online students clearly possess the foundational computer skills necessary to navigate in a virtual environment and thrive in today’s job market. Their frequent participation in webinars, online discussion boards and other collaborative tools demonstrates the vast nature of the online student’s overall skill set and preparedness for the workplace.

With more than 6.3 million[3] students in the United States taking at least one online course as of Fall 2016, students are increasingly recognizing the benefits of pursuing a degree online. If you are interested in online learning at ASU, click here for more information on the wide range of degree options ASU Online offers.



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