The career paths you could take with a preveterinary medicine degree concentration

May 03, 2022 · 3 min read · By ASU Online
Earning your preveterinary medicine degree concentration online could lead to career opportunities in veterinary medicine and other biology-based roles.

Studying preveterinary medicine helps students develop a strong understanding of animal anatomy and behavior, as well as basic sciences such as chemistry, physics and biology. A pre-vet concentration can be a strong foundation for students who want to learn how to start a veterinary career or other roles working with animals.


A first step toward a career as a veterinarian

An undergraduate degree concentration in preveterinary medicine introduces students to fundamental biological and animal science topics. Along with a baseline foundation of required courses in math and science, students have the opportunity to choose electives that align with their interests and career goals. Some of these courses may even be taught by practicing veterinarians and may include natural science subjects such as animal behavior, animal physiology, chemistry, genetics, and nutrition. Students can also opt to take electives covering related topics, such as comparative immunology, ethical issues in biology, infectious diseases, and leadership.

Through online courses, innovative labs and real-world clinical experience, such as internships and study abroad opportunities, students can develop the scientific knowledge and skills to work effectively with animals. Studying in a preveterinary program can be particularly useful in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine.

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Not just for future vets

A preveterinary medicine degree concentration is an ideal start for those interested in a variety of careers in the veterinary field. A pre-vet concentration can be valuable for students wanting to develop a science-based foundation for learning how to work with animals in numerous occupations involving animal science and care.

A pre-vet concentration could lead you to biology-based professions such as certified veterinary technician, dog trainer, fish and wildlife biologist, wildlife rehabilitator or zoologist. Pre-vet students may find work at an animal shelter or animal-centric nonprofit, an aquarium or zoo, or at a state game and fish department.

Many students with a pre-vet concentration choose to pursue advanced degrees in biology-centered fields such as animal science, equine science, natural resource management, and zoology.


ASU Online prepares preveterinary students for success

The online Bachelor of Science in applied biological sciences with a concentration in preveterinary medicine from Arizona State University may help students fulfill common prerequisites for veterinary school admission. Veterinary school admission requirements will vary by institution, and you’ll want to consider where you plan to apply to to determine required courses.

Students will be connected with advisors who can provide insights on how to start a veterinary career or another career in animal sciences. These advisors can also help you stay on track to apply to veterinary school or other animal-related graduate programs, and may also assist in helping determine the courses you should take.

"Even though we're not face to face, we're here for you and want you to be successful," says Julie Murphree, an instructor at the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts at Arizona State University. "We want your academic and professional dreams to come true. This program is an opportunity for students all over the world to gain the required veterinary skills online, rather than having to drive to campus. With in-person classes comes hurdles that many students struggle to overcome. ASU Online helps students eliminate those hurdles."

"We're particularly excited about being able to offer this program at ASU Online," adds Douglas Green, faculty head at the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts. "It allows students from across the country to take veterinary courses and prepare themselves for graduate school."

Green highlights other aspects of the program intended to benefit both current students and potential veterinary students. "This program is tailored for dedicated students who benefit from a flexible program structure," he says. "Internships also give students a variety of experience they can bring to veterinary school."

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