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When it comes to construction, the days of selecting the lowest bidder for a project are long over. Today, selecting builders with experience, reputation and a history of safe practices lead to better outcomes. A degree in construction management helps managers to have advanced skills, experience and connections to the industry. In many cases, construction managers with degrees are seen as more experienced and prepared to handle complicated jobs. While the construction management degree at ASU was established 50 years ago, ASU continues to be on the cutting edge of preparing the next generation of builders to be ready for new ways of thinking. With a online construction management degree, students are able to earn necessary skills, while accessing industry leaders in their classroom and internship opportunities.

Adapting construction management to stay relevant

In today’s construction industry, understanding the inner workings of alternative delivery and other construction management practices are vital to staying relevant.

Arizona State University’s online Master of Science in Construction Management is geared toward helping industry professionals understand the relevant practices and procedures being used today, in order to effectively build tomorrow’s infrastructure.

“In recent years, the construction industry has been observing a major paradigm shift to adopt new and emerging technologies that drastically improve performance,” says Steven Ayer, assistant professor in the School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, one of the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at ASU.

This program prepares students to tackle emerging technologies and their challenges with relevant curriculum from faculty experts who are leaders in their field.

Students can earn their an undergraduate degree and construction management master’s degree in five years, thanks to an accelerated program. Undergraduates  

Learning from the best in the construction industry

For people seeking opportunity in upper management, the online Master of Science in Construction Management is the perfect solution to help these individuals to advance through relevant curriculum from exceptional faculty.

“Diverse faculty with diverse sets of expertise allow students to select courses based on their own interests, job requirements or career outlook,” says El Asmar, who teaches in both the construction management and sustainable engineering online master’s degree programs.

The courses are taught by faculty who are research leaders within their fields and have experience working in the industry or for the government.

“ASU has the right combination of faculty with industry experience, material delivery that’s accessible and organized for the online student and content that’s relevant,” said Cisco Hobbs, president of Texas-based general contractor Rogers-O’Brien Construction Austin-San Antonio region.

For busy individuals looking to advance, an experienced teacher combined with accessible coursework can make all the difference.

Enhancing the online classroom

Students also get a taste of how emerging technologies can be applied to the field of construction, such as augmented reality. Possessing knowledge of these cross-disciplinary technologies sets students up to be able to adapt to change within their management roles, which makes them more successful in the long haul.

ASU Online provides a hands-on approach to the construction management program, with students and faculty working closely together to explore and solve for the current challenges within the industry.

“Graduates from our best-in-class program will have enhanced management and technology skills, including those necessary for being successful in sustainable construction, technology in the built environment and innovative project delivery methods,” says Kenneth Sullivan, associate professor of construction management.

The level of impact that construction managers have on people’s daily lives is unquestionable, and graduates of this program are prepared for whatever obstacles lie before them.

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