Pitch your startup idea to ASU Venture Devils

February 20, 2018 · 2 min read · By ASU Online
Do you have a startup idea that you've been wanting to share? Do you want to learn how to develop and grow your ideas, and gain funding for your venture? Then you've come to the right place. Pitch your startup idea to ASU Venture Devils.

When entrepreneurship and innovation combine, they form a foundation for students to develop and grow their ideas. But designing, launching and running a new business is no easy undertaking. At Arizona State University, we take our entrepreneurs’ endeavors seriously and, as they say, “we have a thing for that.”

Our ASU Venture Devils program supports all ASU students, faculty, staff and community-based entrepreneurs. In this program, we engage, mentor and fund founders, by giving them the community and tools they need to succeed.

How it works

Through Venture Devils, we help engage and educate founders no matter their experience or location. Our program participants can engage and compete from all over the world. We aid our Venture Devils in developing ideas and tracking the go-to-market progress of each venture.

Another large part of the ASU Venture Devils program is being able to connect participant founders with Venture Mentors, who provide regular ongoing support. These mentors help challenge the founders and give feedback on their ventures.

The last component is funding. The Venture Devils program helps our participants find funding for their ventures. Startups are continuously evaluated for potential funding opportunities within this program. 

The process

First, we expect Venture Devils to be able to articulate their idea(s). Being able to develop a new venture using current trends and strategies is a huge component of our community. Then, you must be able to pitch your idea with a basic logo, webpage, pitch deck and executive summary. We encourage and accept rough first drafts with free resources.

Lastly, we look for professionalism in every aspect. It’s important for our Venture Devils to develop professional habits as it relates to interacting and working with other mentors and partners.

How to apply

We’re always hoping to add to our outstanding community. If you are an entrepreneur with a startup or an idea that’s interested in becoming a part of Venture Devils, then listen up for some important details:

Watch Venture Devils information session now.

Apply for Venture Devils in three easy steps (Application deadline: March 5, 2018).

Remember, any ASU student, faculty, staff and community-based entrepreneur, can become a Venture Devil. This applies to anyone enrolled in online courses living outside Arizona. Will you become our next funded venture as an ASU Venture Devil?

Learn more about ASU Venture Devils.


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