An Online Degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology Helps Students Meet Today’s Demands

A degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology gives students flexibility and a solid industry foundation for advancement

The field of criminal justice and criminology continues to evolve as technology advances and new facets of the law (and its enforcement) are enacted. As a result, traditional law enforcement job growth remains steady at a projected four percent increase by 2024 while niche careers like forensic science technicians are expected to by 27 percent within the same time frame. Now, more than ever, earning your degree online can take you further while also creating a solid foundation for a future career in criminal justice or criminology.  

In order to accommodate the demand for skilled, talented, critically-minded candidates, many professionals are seeking a college degree that can be earned online while maintaining their current position. Whether they’re working towards a promotion or looking to make a career pivot, online degree programs have simplified the path towards higher education.

With many options to choose from, it’s important for you to find a program that is not only going to provide practical knowledge that you can apply to your work immediately, but also in the future, as the field continues to rapidly evolve. ASU Online serves students by offering an all-encompassing Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice and Criminology that speaks to industry needs and education requirements, providing a unique and exclusive differentiator for students. The program helps develop the research, analytical, and communications skills required for working in complex criminal justice careers, especially as it relates to policies and practices of criminal justice system components, including law enforcement, corrections, and the courts.

What makes this program so valuable for law enforcement professionals?

  • Dual focus in criminology AND criminal justice whereas most degree programs address one
  • Transdisciplinary program where criminology and criminal justice are taught through numerous subject lenses, such as psychology and sociology
  • World class scholars and tenured faculty teach online courses, giving students access to top professionals in their fields
  • Average online class size is 42 students allowing  students to interact with peers and gain feedback directly from instructors

ASU Online helps you earn a degree while providing unparalleled flexibility, with new classes starting every 7.5 weeks, the freedom to take classes whenever and wherever is most convenient, all while providing a quality education from a top nationally ranked program.

At ASU Online, you can maintain your career while working towards your passions and goals. Looking to establish a foundation in criminal justice and criminology while providing yourself with a competitive edge? Find out more here.

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