How to send your transcripts when applying for an ASU Online graduate degree

August 10, 2021 · 5 min read · By ASU Online
This webinar offers detailed direction to assist you in submitting your transcripts and applying to a graduate degree program at ASU Online. 

What transcripts do you need to submit when applying to an ASU Online graduate program? What's the best way to submit them? Get answers to these questions and more in this webinar.

What transcripts do I need to submit to apply for a graduate degree at ASU Online?

After sending in your graduate application, Arizona State University requires that you send your academic credentials from every high school, college, university or technical school you've attended. Official transcripts display your completed courses, grades and awarded certificates and degrees.

For transcripts that are a work in progress, ASU requires you to send in your final transcript upon completion of your program. All official transcripts have the seal of the institution and signature of the institution’s registrar, academic official or a recognized international organization.


How do I apply for a graduate online degree?

To start the application process, create an account with ASU. Once you've created an account, you can begin the application process. There are seven components to the application process:

  1. Personal information: Fill in your personal information to proceed to the other sections of the application. Include all former names, your current address, contact information and ASU ID if you have one.
  2. Institution information: Provide your academic history. 
  3. Residency: Include the state in which you live and whether or not you're currently employed.
  4. Degree: Select the degree and campus you’re applying for. 
  5. Supplemental information: This information varies depending on your degree of choice. 
    1. International students: Share your results from an approved English language exam (TOEFL, IELTS, or PTE) here.
  6. Additional Information: Provide a copy of your resume and your official transcripts. Make sure to select the upload file button after you select the files you’re going to submit with your application. Format all documents in the specified file type. ASU must receive all documents to review your application.
  7. Review: Make sure all information is correct. 


How do I send my transcripts to ASU Online?

There are several ways to submit your transcripts to ASU. We recommend doing this step after submitting your application.

  • Official transcripts can be sent to ASU’s admission services by mail or shipping service (such as UPS, FedEx, DHL), or an approved secured transcript service.
  • Transcripts sent via email may be accepted if sent directly from an authorized school official at the issuing institution, or from a third-party verified source, to ASU at An emailed transcript will not be accepted as official if ASU is unable to verify the sender is from the issuing institution. 
  • Official transcripts can be delivered by hand but will only be accepted if they’re sealed in the original envelope provided by the community college or university and bear the university seal and the signature of the Registrar of the issuing institution. Domestic high school transcripts delivered by hand will only be accepted if they are sealed in the original envelope provided by the high school. 
  • Official transcripts can’t be faxed. ASU considers transcripts sent in this way to be unofficial.

Visit for more information and a complete list of secured transcript services.


How do I send my unofficial transcripts to ASU online?

You can submit unofficial transcripts with your application. They must include your full name, grades and course history. However, ASU requires you send your official transcripts as well.


How do I send CCAF transcripts?

ASU accepts CCAF (Community College of the Air force) transcripts and JST (Joint Services Transcript) transcripts. CCAF Transcripts and JSTs should be sent in as a part of your graduate application. While ASU will review the JST for potential transfer credits, it is not a deciding factor in admission.


How do I send international transcripts?

For details on applying and sending transcripts as an international student, visit ASU Online’s international students admission page.


How can I monitor my application status?

You can monitor your graduate application status through your My ASU account. The left side of your account shows your application status while the right side shows priority tasks. ASU will remove your priority tasks after processing your transcripts. If you have more questions about your application status or priority tasks, reach out to your enrollment advisor.


What if I went to ASU for my bachelor’s degree? Do I still need to submit transcripts for a graduate degree?

Yes, students who went to ASU for their undergraduate degree still need to submit their transcripts for a graduate degree.


Who do I contact for more information on the graduate transcripts requirements?

For more information on graduate transcripts requirements, call 866-277-6589 or email


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